Safari iPadOS

Is it possible to turn off into play videos completely? I find some instructions via google to disable them under Accessibility…but don’t see anything in Safari prefs. insists on playing the video ads no matter what. I’ve got 1Blocker enabled but the ads still play…I don’t know if I’m just missing the right place to set this or of yahoo has figured out how to force them to play.


I’m using iPad OS 15 and not seeing any video ads there… I have 1Blocker (just the defaults, I believe) but also Better and ‎Speedafari.

I do see video ads if I turn everything off, but I could not seem to pinpoint what was the “key” to blocking them.

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Thanks…I will check those out as well. It is only an issue for me on…1Blocker has everything turned on but I’m getting so tired of seeing the start of the ad about the little jack thing that I’m trying to get rid of them.

I don’t blame you. All of the ads I encountered there are really obnoxious.