Turning off automatic video play

(John Burt) #1

Anyone know how to turn off automatic video playing in Safari under iOS 11?

(Curtis Wilcox) #2

In iOS Safari, you can’t. Setting Reader View to always be enabled on offending sites can help; I do that in iOS Safari for sites like Macworld and The Verge, I don’t do it as much in desktop Safari. I haven’t explored ad blockers to see if they can help.

On a Mac, you can: Stop autoplay videos in Safari on Mac - Apple Support. The article only mentions High Sierra but I found it is the same for Safari on Sierra.

(John Burt) #3

Checked it out. There does not seem to be a reader view on IMDB. But I’ll keep my eyes open.

(Curtis Wilcox) #4

I’m not surprised, the browser looks for particular HTML code that indicates the content is something like an article before offering a Reader view (Firefox’s equivalent does the same but probably not with the exact same criteria).

I don’t look at IMDb often but when I do on my phone, it’s with the IMDb app. The app doesn’t seem to autoplay videos but it’s hard to predict, especially if the video is part of an ad.

(@lbutlr) #5

I thought 1Blocker X did this. I know something must be doing it because I do not get auto-playing videos on IMDB,com (and I don’t use their app) or anywhere else. However, I don’t see a setting for it in 1Blocker X (née 1Blocker)