Turning off automatic video play

Anyone know how to turn off automatic video playing in Safari under iOS 11?

In iOS Safari, you can’t. Setting Reader View to always be enabled on offending sites can help; I do that in iOS Safari for sites like Macworld and The Verge, I don’t do it as much in desktop Safari. I haven’t explored ad blockers to see if they can help.

On a Mac, you can: Stop autoplay videos in Safari on Mac - Apple Support. The article only mentions High Sierra but I found it is the same for Safari on Sierra.

Checked it out. There does not seem to be a reader view on IMDB. But I’ll keep my eyes open.

I’m not surprised, the browser looks for particular HTML code that indicates the content is something like an article before offering a Reader view (Firefox’s equivalent does the same but probably not with the exact same criteria).

I don’t look at IMDb often but when I do on my phone, it’s with the IMDb app. The app doesn’t seem to autoplay videos but it’s hard to predict, especially if the video is part of an ad.

I thought 1Blocker X did this. I know something must be doing it because I do not get auto-playing videos on IMDB,com (and I don’t use their app) or anywhere else. However, I don’t see a setting for it in 1Blocker X (née 1Blocker)