Help with logging into App Store From iPad mini


I am trying to help my Mom (90) install Zoom on her IPad Mini.

She goes to the app store and finds zoom, Then she hits get and it asks
for her to log in.

When she tries to log in it tells her the username or password is invalid,

So we went in and changed the password. All is good it took that.

Then she went to try again and got the same message about the username
/password being invalid even with the new password.

Then I had her shut down the IPad mini and then start it again.

and we get the same results.

Is there something I can do to get it to accept her username and
password without her having to reload everything?

Other information, she has an IPad Mini 5 running IPadOS 14.2

Thank you for any suggestions for her to try.

It sounds like her account might need verification of some kind… check her AppleID in settings and make sure it isn’t wanting her to do anything there.

If she is able to login to with the same AppleID it should be fine. If it does not work i’d contact Apple.