Reminders Help add timed event onto another list

I can do the following in Siri:

Remind me to take in the tea in two hours.

In my personal reminder list is Take in the tea with an alarm set for two hours from now.

Add take in the tea to my family list

In my family reminders list (shared between my wife and I) is a reminder to Take in the tea.

What I can’t seem to figure out is how to get Siri to create a reminder to take in the tea with a two hour alarm and put it on my shared family list.

“Hey Siri, add remind me to take in the tea in two hours time to my family list.”

Not exactly English as it is spoken but worked at least in my testing.

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As I was reading @tommy’s reply, I realized that Siri’s syntax is the new AppleScript.

It’s supposed to seem like English, but it’s not quite “right”.

Others may have figured this out years ago, but something about seeing it written out like that made me think of the AppleScript syntax I’ve seen that goes something like:

set blah to the not blah of (get blah details)

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It works. My problem was that I had called the list Family Reminders and not just Family.

In have a list called Groceries, and if I say Add milk to my Shopping List, Siri replies, “You don’t have a Shopping list, shall I create one?”.

However, if I use the same syntax and said “Add take in tea in two hours to my Family list.”, it would add to Reminders (my default list) Take in tea in two hours to my family list. It didn’t say “You don’t have a Family List. Shall I create one?”

I changed the List name to just Family, and saying “Add take in tea in two hours to my family list” now works.

Computers are so fun. My wife wants to know why I retired early.

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I haven’t revisited all the examples in this article, but I think it touches on what you’re hitting.

I don’t have too much trouble with Siri, but maybe I don’t use it that for as many things others do.

I mainly use Siri for Reminders. I tried setting appointments, but I get too tongue flustered for it to work.

I have about a half dozen list, and it works pretty much as expected 90% of the time. My biggest issue is Siri just not understanding me. I’ll go to my groceries list, and I’ll see something like the Allman Brothers on it. Sometimes I can figure it out (Almond Butter), sometimes I can’t. The most mysterious one was “f***ing lying”. I didn’t realize this was supposed to be “cooking wine” until later when I was cooking and discovered we didn’t have cooking wine.