“Hey Siri, remind me about this” isn’t working

I usually use the “Hey Siri, remind me about this” quite a lot. For example, I’m looking at an email I need to respond to when I get back home. I have the email on the screen of my phone and say:

“Hey Siri, remind me about this when I get home.”

Siri sets a personal reminder which is triggered when I get home. That reminder has a link to the email.

I can do the same with a contact, a note, and a few other things.

However, when I tried it today, I got:

“What do you want me to remind you about?”

Saying “Remind me about this email” merely set a reminder that says “this email”.

Anyone else had problems with this?

I feel like we need an entire Siri thread.

I often use “remind me” when I’m on my bike because otherwise I will forget by the time I get home. The past couple of updates have made that very interesting. Sometimes it wants to be unlocked as well which doesn’t work as it’s in my pocket.

Today I asked what time it was so I could decide if I wanted to ride further. When riding I just long press the headphones (which also has a new noise in the last couple of updates, it sounds like it has a cold).

What time is it?
She replies “that’s an interesting question”
What time is it now?

Little while later:
What time is it?
You have 7 alarms set, and she proceeds to go down the list.

What on earth?!