Dark Sky Fading; iOS 16’s Weather Brightens

I’m really going to miss Dark Sky. It’s been my go-to weather app for a long time. The interface is perfect for me. The iOS 16 Weather app is fine, I guess, but it’s just a little harder for me to use than Dark Sky.
I’ve also tried WeatherBug, which can give you a lot of useful info, but the interface isn’t great.
And I’ve tried Hello Weather, and may go back and give that another try soon.

This information density of Weatherstrip can’t be beat. As a bicyclist, I am concerned about wind speed and direction, cloud cover, UV, humidity, sunrise/sunset, as well as temp and precipitation. Weatherstrip gives you all of this as an hourly forecast that you can side-scroll through for up to a week.

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This is really interesting. I did download it but the wind can’t be depicted on that image unless you scroll I think?

I feel like us cyclists have a set of requirements that many others don’t! My most important one is wind, especially as we head into winter.


Now that I’m a recreational cyclist I’m interested in the same things, Diane. :smiling_face: But when I rode to work here in Boston I pretty much ignored all of them, except when snow, snow melt and freezing temperatures iced up the bike paths. When that began I took the winter off, usually until mid-March.

That didn’t mean I didn’t try to avoid getting wet, at least until I’d warmed up a bit, and the only thing that reliably showed me how was the animated weather radar I pulled up on my desk PC just before I went out the door. No app, no matter how “localized” can do that, and we shouldn’t expect them to.

In the settings for Weather Strip, you have to change the windsocks to arrows.

Accuweather has what they call “Minute Cast”, which is essentially a graphic version of local radar. (That I usually call them “Inaccuweather” is an indication of how reliable I find it.) There’s a ConnectIQ widget for both Garmin Edges and Garmin watches produced by Accuweather that can show you the Minute Cast on your device, provide you have some connection to the Internet via your phone. There’s also a ConnectIQ field called “Rain & Wind” that I use which shows you sort of real time temperature and relative wind (takes into account your direction of motion relative to the wind) which seems to update the wind vector and temperature every 20 minutes or so (again through your phone). Several times this year Accuweather has said “No precipitation for the next 120 minutes” only to have that prove very wrong.

As I type, Minute Cast thinks it’s raining in my area code. It probably is, somewhere. At the same time Wunderground’s radar feed accurately shows, in real time, the small dry lobe over my house.