Dark Sky Fading; iOS 16’s Weather Brightens

This is exactly why I’ve not acquired some of recommended apps (e.g. Met Office, Wundergound, Weather Channel, etc.). Weather apps are one of the few that can accurately track you everywhere you go, especially if you have Always and Precise for location settings.

I’m with you in that I guess I trust Apple more than most developers, but I’ve looked at the privacy policy on most of these and have passed on them.

I’m currently using Yr.no, Hello Weather and Forecast Bar because I think their privacy policies are reasonable.

I’m fully willing to pay a subscription fee to the developer for access to ad-free weather, but, in return, my data (location, etc.) is not for them to sell. I suspect that some of the issue regarding privacy is that “race to the bottom” for subscriptions to be as cheap as possible. A developer needs to meet their costs and selling location and other data is one way to do that if the subscription doesn’t cover them.

You do get the chance in the hourly forecast. When you expand the precipitation box, you get a graph showing the amount expected in various time segments.

This is what I am seeing in the weather app right now for my location (I’ve cropped out the location itself just above.) That top bar scrolls to the right for a full 24 hours.

If you mean that after you tap that bar there is no % chance of precipitation - that’s correct. But it’s right there on the opening screen.

I’d say the height of the bars in the rainfall part of the graph show how heavy the rain will be. The higher the bar, the heavier the rain. But, again, where I live, those predictions are generally useless. Will it rain or not - pretty useful. Will it rain heavily at 4 pm and lighter at 4:15 - not so much.

Typically that’s what feels like means…sort of a combo of wet bulb, dry bulb, and wind chill but it isn’t much different than dew point most of the time I elieve.

You’re showing Apple Watch complication screenshots—does the iPhone app agree with them? I could imagine the complications not updating for a variety of reasons.

Some of them are really problematic. I stopped using WeatherBug for that reason; I don’t know if they’ve improved since.

CARROT Premium has a more expensive family subscription for sharing to other people in your family. I don’t think there’s any connection to the Apple TV.

Thanks. Thing is that in Dark Sky, it actually gives you percentage chance of precipitation across the hours. While it might show you 30% chance of rain in the Weather app as you show in the screenshot, Doug, that’s an average across the day. In Dark Sky it will show you that it’s 10% at 9 AM and 90% at 4 PM etc.

Thank you for this. It’s helpful. Is there a way to see the chance for rain on a following day? For example, mine shows in NYC on this Thursday 50% chance of rain. But when I go in and look at that day, I can’t see if that’s predicted in the AM or PM etc. I can on Dark Sky. So maybe I just don’t know how to find it.

After you click on the day, you’ll see a temperature graph for the day, In the upper right, you’ll see a thermometer icon with the carat indicating a drop-down menu. Tap that and then the Precipitation item. That should show you a graph indicating the relative amount of rain expected during each hour of the day.

Dew point is never greater than the temperature, but it can be much lower. In hot, humid summer weather, “Feels Like” is higher than the temperature.

I think this very much depends on what “feels like” means or rather what has been implemented. If it’s just heat index, you would expect temps above the dry bulb. If it’s wind chill, however, you would expect temps below the dry bulb. I would expect that a reasonable feels like display incorporates both, whenever conditions are met: that is HI when dry bulb >80F or humidity >40%, wind chill when dry bulb <50F or wind speed >3 mph.

No, from that photo it’s 30% at 5 pm and 30% at 6pm. (Looking right now it isn’t listing a chance for “Now”, 30% at 5pm [which I assume is the hour from 5 to 6, as I am minutes away from 5 pm right now], 80% at 6pm, nothing at 7 pm, 30% at 8 pm. The rest if the hours as I scroll across show no percentage chance.)

Here are a couple of photos as I scroll a bit to the right in the second photo, taken just now. I was in a slightly different location earlier today BTW.

(Not sure why I’m hiding the location, as people could probably figure it out close enough based on the sunset time…)

I tapped the day for Thursday and then changed the drop down control (I’ve added the red arrow to show you where it is) to rainfall. That shows the hours when it’s expected to rain and how much rain is expected at that time on that day.

Hi Adam. The Apple Watch complications don’t always agree, but in these two cases it did. The weather was highly changeable though the last few days because of the passing typhoon. And I suspect the Weather app just can’t figure out my location closely enough, or the closest data center is too separated from where I actually am.

Yesterday it’s good I decided to take an umbrella with me because the weather turned torrential suddenly!

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Untrue. When the temperature is at at or below the dew point, you get DEW.

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Dewpoint is never greater than the temperature. If the temperature falls and reaches the dewpoint then both will fall in tandem – with dew or frost forming.

With respect to Wikipedia, their explanation is poorly written and can lead to confusion.

I’m a retired meteorologist – trust me. :grinning:

Edit: part of my response was incorrectly typed in the quoted material.


Following up on my privacy post…there’s a new weather app which apparently collects nothing: Mercury Weather. It was linked on Daring Fireball this morning along with Forecast Advisor.

As a devotee of the dear departed WeatherLine, I like the look of Mercury Weather. It does require iOS 16.

I once used Weather Underground until I heard that IBM was using this to track people for advertising purposes after purchasing the service. And if you look at the App Privacy report for the app - it looks pretty ugly compared with some other apps, like Carrot, Hello Weather, etc. Sometimes I hear about new weather apps, but I always check the app privacy report before I even think of installing it.

As for Apple, this is what they say about weather and privacy: Legal - Weather & Privacy - Apple

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On my watch I have Apple weather in Celsius and Dark Sky in Fahrenheit. After upgrading my iphone to ios16 both show a range. Apple weather shows the temperature but dark sky just hows a range. (the range low - high is new since iOS 16). Dark sky now longer shows the temperature. I can’t find another temperature compilation for my watch. Any ideas?

Do you have any links to these discussions? Gruber and @mjtsai mentioned it after it came up here, so I’d be curious to hear what the criticisms were.