Website building software?

My dinosaur of a website was built with Adobe GoLive, sigh. ( I want to completely update and simplify it, with no more need for ecommerce.
• The domain already is hosted by ICD and I do not want to change that. (So apps like Wix are out)
• I’d like something WYSIWYG as I am definitely not a coder, at least in modern times.
• I’d like the ability to have master pages/master elements that I can update and have those changes automatically be made everywhere on the site.
• I am hoping to find something that I can download or import the current site into, maintaining current site’s few bells and whistles - I believe the site was built before css was common and I don’t think there is much if any on the site. I am sentimentally attached to the cow mouse-overs on the home page and want to keep them.

Back in 2018, Randy Singer recommended BlueGriffon and I am looking at it now. Any other suggestions? I could use Adobe’s portfolio website but want to have a bit more control and would prefer to be independent of them. I want to be able to add independent photo galleries built by Lightroom and link each one to the home page, possibly with a page or two of text/stories to go with.

Suggestions? Thanks!

I don’t know if this will meet all your requirements (I haven’t used GoLive for many years, it got too bloated after Adobe’s purchase) but one WYSIWYG builder you should definitely consider is Sparkle

Even if you aren’t going to regularly update your website, think about Wordpress. They have both free and paid versions. Whichever path you take and there is a wealth of free tutorials, templates and advice out there. And it’s easy to edit and tinker with design if and when you are inclined to do so. And you don’t need to know much, if anything, about coding at all.

BTW, I love all your cow and dog photos!

I, too, am in the same boat, and have been trying to find a decent replacement for GoLive.

I have experimented with a bunch of various apps. Virtually NONE of them offer site management like GoLive did, nor do they offer the ability to actually import your site all at once. Those that DO offer site management are often template based (Sandvox, Rapid Weaver, etc.).

Very frustrating.

Aha! Thanks! I knew this software had been mentioned here, somewhere, but I could not remember the name of it, and for some reason it did not show up in search for web-building software. I think I even downloaded it once upon a time (on my iMac which is in storage until new house is built). Will check it out again.

RapidWeaver (together with a slew of plugins and themes) forms a really nice WYSIWYG environment for building sites. I’ve used it for years, recommended.

Have it. Don’t hate it, but…

To get really good use out of it, you need to purchase stacks, or something similar (I have). It is template based, not really freehand. It does do some semblance of site management. It cannot import an existing website or use existing html (at least as far as I could discover)

So, not bad for creation from scratch (with some caveats), but fails for existing sites.

That is all true, especially your note on stacks being key to the application. The themes and plugins vary a lot in terms of flexibility and there are quite sophisticated options at this point within the ecosystem.

I would be wary, frankly, of any app importing an existing site, if moving to another platform or app, I’d be starting afresh, things trip up so easily. But perhaps others have different experiences.