Sandvox Dead?

I know that Karelia Software have not updated their site for ages, but today for the first time I find that Sandvox will not open. It’s an Intel app and I’m using an M2 MBA, but I do have Rosetta 2 installed.
Is there another simple web editor I can use instead, preferably one that can read the Sandvox files (Espresso will not)?

I’ve never tried it, but RapidWeaver might be an option.

There’s some info on their forum about importing from Sandvox, though you might want to ask further questions:

I’ll give it a try! Thanks.

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I gave up on Sandvox about a year ago after getting no response to my questions and realizing it was abandoned. I looked at RapidWeaver, but wasn’t impressed. I don’t remember the details, but part of my concern was they they would also just vanish and leave me with a dead or unchangeable web site. I looked at WordPress but found the documentation impenetrable because it didn’t explain how to get started. In the end I shifted to [Weebly] , an online site builder with an easier interface that is offered by my web hosting firm ( .

I’ve been using RapidWeaver for years. The basic RW application is very limited. To accomplish anything beyond the basics requires buying add-ons from various venders – and the price goes up correspondingly.

So plan on spending more…far more…than the basic cost of the application.

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I used to use Sandvox as well. I moved on to Sparkle. I find it easy to use and it meets all my needs.

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