Stalled iPhone system update

Based on a message I read earlier today on the Mac-L list, I decided to finally go ahead and update my iPhone 6s to the 15.1 system. It’s been over an hour now that it has been “Preparing Update”. I don’t have use of my phone/text and don’t know how to exit this obviously not working update. Hopefully, someone here can help discover what I can do. We’re expecting a big storm tonight and having my iPhone charged and useable is very important.

Hoping someone can help … thank you


The “Preparing Update” stage can take a long time. This is the installer uncompressing itself. On an older phone like a 6S, an hour is not all that surprising. (My 6 took nearly that long for iOS 12 updates).

You should be able to use the phone while it is doing this. When the preparation finishes, you should get a notification, prompting you to confirm the installation - after which, it will reboot and perform the install.

My recommendation is to just plug the phone into a charger and let it run. If you need to use the phone during the preparation, go ahead and do so. Leave it plugged in until the update completes so you’ll have a good charge when it’s done (and to make sure the battery doesn’t die during the update - which would be a Bad Thing).