News site links lead to just part of a story

Websites, especially news sites, are becoming frustrating. I go to, say, CNN’s or NPR’s page, look at the stories and photos, click on one, and it takes me to a page with a few paragraphs, with no photos, no sidebars. And often enough, the story seems to end in the middle. I’m accustomed to land on a link with the story I want to read and several links and photos as well. It’s not just the news sites; I’m seeing it elsewhere too. I began to notice it in the last few weeks. Is this new? Does simplifying the linked-to page make it much easier to produce? Is there a setting in Safari (v.17.5) I should change?

First, a plea to everyone: When you report trouble accessing websites, please indicate what device you are using and what OS, browser, and version you are using. These may be significant.

Based on your mention of 17.5, I assume you’re using an iOS or iPadOS device, not a MacOS device. It seems that you might be consistently opening the Reader version of a web page (or at least, doing it on these websites). When you do this, Safari tries to simplify the page by removing everything except the most important information. However, this process can sometimes fail, resulting in an incomplete page.

To see if this is happening, open Settings>Safari and scroll to the ‘Settings for Websites’ section. Tap the Reader item. You’ll see a list of websites for which the option is toggled on and a toggle to make it the preference for all websites.

My apology: The problem occurred on a Mac laptop running OS 14.5 and Safari 17.5 and the problem was indeed with reader settings, which were set to use that version on all websites. I don’t remember toggling that. And I usually know to provide OS and app version; I blame age-induced cerebral flatulence. Thanks for your help.