Ghosts in the Machine

A little pre-Halloween magical mystery is afoot on my iMac

Recently I started noticing a seemingly random tool tip-like display appearing ‘out of nowhere’ - like when you hover the cursor over a file name in Finder. But it’s not from hovering over a file name - it appears when the cursor is within an app window. Today, the file whose name appears in each instance, is nested pretty deep in the file system, and was added in 2019 (and probably not even accessed since).

Today, it’s appeared in Excel, Safari, iTunes, Mail, and McSolitare. As I compose this post in TextEdit, I’m unable to find the ’sweet spot’ to get it to appear

I appears to be displayed in the same relative position on my iMac’s display each time

I’ve noticed this in the (recent) past but not sure if it was the same file name

So, any ideas???

Did you try relaunching the Finder? In Force Quit under the Apple menu.

Thanks Tommy - good idea
I find I need to relaunch Finder on numerous occasions as it seems to ‘forget’ things (e.g., keyboard shortcuts related to Finder) or just when it get’s a little weird.

I’ll give it a try and see if the ‘ghost’ disappears…

Uh, nope! She’s still there after Force Quitting Finder

Perhaps run Activity Monitor and see if there’s any process presenting issues that might be relevant. Could Force Quit them.

Could open a Terminal window and try these in turn, they’re pretty harmless… might help?

Killall NotificationCenter
Killall Dock
Killall Finder

@tommy’s approach is good if you’re trying to find the culprit. If you just want it to go away, I suspect restarting will work.

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Thanks for the feedback - Restarting seems to have put 'er back in the box
… at least for the time being. I am, however, academically curious to figure who’s rubbing the genie’s lamp to elicit its appearance. I regularly keep Activity Monitor open (minimized) so I’ll be sure to look there if it happens again

Like I said, it’s happened a couple/few times before but, then I was busy doing other things. This time I was noodling and had some time to pay more attention. I’m also curious to see if it’s the same file name.

Not sure if it’s related, but twice, in recent times, on opening an Excel workbook containing hyperlinks to image files and Finder folders (including the latest apparition) one of the linked images appeared ‘out of the blue’ atop one of the worksheets…