Apple Music app seems a bit broken

I recently purchased an album via Apple Music ( > iTunes Store.
After making the purchase, found a download option in the ellipses menu for the album.
I then noticed that the album did not appear in the Recently Added section of the app.
Sort of odd since the album seemed to stream the full tracks in Apple Music.
Did a manual search of the files and indeed the album was downloaded, but still did not appear in the
So I re-added the album by putting it into the Automatically Add to Music folder
What resulted was an array of the tracks, without artwork and
after manually adding artwork to the album an indication that the album was added in 1904, also another album I added in 2022 mysteriously showed up as added “Today”
I also needed to manually re-enter the track order so the album appeared/played in the original order

Sort of an odd experience with Apple’s flagship application

to digress, I also notice that the current version does not have an auto-download setting (anymore?)

I have the Automatic Downloads setting (in the General Tab of Music Settings). I’m on Music on Sonoma 14.2.1.

Although I haven’t experienced some of the symptoms you note, I’ve noticed that lately albums take a while to show up in the library, could be up to a minute or so. (I often pine for the old synchronous days).

Here is another observation
Back Story, I recently cancelled my Apple One sub due to the increasing pricing for the suite
to downgrade to Cloud and TV only.

Music there is no search function in the iTunes Store
The only way to search for songs, even one’s I have already paid for but are not downloaded is
to re-up to Apple One …
this seems really stupid of Apple … pardon my outburst :no_mouth:

I think the search function is not implemented well in Music. I think when you do a search, there is a small toggle on the right side that has you select where you want to search (your library, Apple Music, or iTunes Store).

Don’t get me going on searching in Apple Mail…

There are two different ways to search in Music.

The “Search” box in the left-side margin (red box in the following screen shot) pulls up a Store-like search. You need to select (on the right side) if the search should be applied to your library, Apple Music or the iTunes Store.

I personally don’t like this. I don’t find it at all useful.

But you can also use the “Filter” box on the right-side (blue box). If it’s not visible, click on the magnifying glass icon in that location. When you type something in there, the current view (Artists, Albums, Song, etc.) are filtered to only show tracks that match the filter.

The filter is applied to titles, artists and to albums. I find it is most useful when in Songs view (green box, left-side).

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I just have to relay one more (absurd) observation.
So … I am running Music on a computer for which I have not actually signed out to implement an updated sign in after canceling Apple One… Currently on this computer my old Music subscription playlists created still poplulate the side bar … … with one bizarre item of note
The only song I cannot stream is the one I have actually purchased!!
All the other tracks are still playing fully …
IMHO, this is weird. :upside_down_face:

I mean, I assume things will eventually catch up … but still

In case anyone curious, the current state of things is one pesky purchase that will only populate the Apple Music temporary folder download section instead of my user music Library.
Although I was able to successfully download the proper m4a file rather than the m4p files that kept showing up by completely deleting my music files and the Music Library file, to rebuild the library and re-download.
I sort of wish Apple Music was separated from iTunes and the iTunes store.
Apple music is confusing my purchase from a subscription dependent download.
Working with Apple support to sort out other related issues like why Apple Music indicates there are 0 available downloads for my account … with virtually no downloaded purchases on the drive