Anything you can do about MBP trackpad sensitivity?

I’m very, very happy with my 14" M1 Pro MacBook Pro. But there’s one thing that after all these months (got it right when they launched) I still just cannot get used to: it often just doesn’t register my trackpad taps (tap to click is on).

I have sensitivity (Settings > Trackpad > Click) set all the way to Light, but still… Every so often I’ll be editing some huge text file and can’t find the last two lines of text I entered blindly, only to then discover that the trackpad didn’t register my original tap and that therefore my entry went into a completely different section of the document. :man_facepalming:

Anything else I could do to make the trackpad more sensitive to my apparently too light taps? I do not recall having this problem on any of my 13" Intel MBPs (2020, 2016, 2013, 2010) before. Not that I’d want to trade for any of those. :wink:

I have always had this exact same problem with my 2019 16" MBP, since day one. I have found only two things that relieve it.

One is to turn off tap-to-click and require a full audible click (which I hate). The other is to use an alternate pointing device. Which, of course, takes away all the benefits of the multi-touch trackpad unless your alternate pointing device is a Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse.

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