Alternate apps for 'WindowShade' effect?

I’ve long been a fan of compressing windows into a ‘WindowShade’ format since it was a feature of the Mac OS back in ancient times. For a long time there was a plug-in called WindowShade that had similar features, then a few generations into the OSX era I switched to WindowMizer. It always had some glitches, but worked well enough to remain useful.

I’ve recently upgraded my 2012 vintage Macbook Pro to MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) and WindowMizer started crashing about once/day. The app creator urged me to switch from WM4 to WM5, which I’m currently using on a 2 week trial basis and have been very disappointed with. It still crashes on occasions, and does not have several of the convenient behaviors I’ve come to rely on. Overall it’s notably less functional than WM4.

Does anyone here know of a good, reliable app that I can use instead? WM (a product of RGBWorld) wants $8 for a new license, and I’ll gladly pay that or a bit more for something more reliable.

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I must be missing something. How is WindowMizer in the second post different from WindowMizer in the first post, which is what @briantvt has found to be unreliable and insufficiently functional?

Oops. My bad. Sorry about that.

WindowMizer is the app I expressed dissatisfaction with in my initial post (re: WM4 vs. WM5). I’m corresponding with the owner now, but still wondering about alternatives.

I’ve given up on WindowMizer in MacOS Mojave. Even after some rounds of correspondence with the developer and following his suggestions, it kept crashing. Really missing it, though, and still curious if anyone has a good alternative to regain the ‘Window Shade’ effect.

May still work with newer MacOS versions; Mojave is the latest that’s compatible with my current mix of hardware and apps.