User photos in the screensaver in macOS Sonoma?

I used to use the Photos screensaver, and had it focused on my “favorite” photos folder. In Sonoma, that is no longer an option. The only folders available are those of Apple’s own choosing. Does anyone know how to hack the built-in folders so that I can place my personal photos there and have those memories floating across my resting Mac screen?

Your photo albums are still available. From System Settings>Screen Savers, scroll to the bottom for the Other category. For me, the first one shown is Photos. Select it and you’ll see that you can select Photos and Style. Style controls how the screen saver is displayed. Tap the Options button next to Photos. and you’can select Photo Library. It may take a few seconds for the list of albums to appear, but Favorites will be at the top of list. Select that and you should be good to go.


Thank you! I had despaired of ever having this back on my displays!

I have for many years had the screensaver to show Marine Aquarium, an old app that was rather pretty and highly configurable. It still works, but after it has run it occupies the CPU at >90% even when not activated. Figured that out by looking at Activity Monitor when the M2 MBA started to get very hot. I’ll have to make do with dolphins instead.