USB-C hub with more than one USB-C port?

(Kenoli Oleari) #1

I have been struggling with the fact that I can’t find a single USB-C hub with more than one USB-C output. USB-A, video outlets, and more but always one USB-C outlet. Why? I am having to constantly plug and unplug devices to switch between devices on my computer. Need a hub that lets me connect multiple USB-C devices.

USB Group Moves to Validate USB-C Devices for Safety and Security
USB Group Moves to Validate USB-C Devices for Safety and Security
(Glenn Fleishman) #2

It’s not related, but I have seen some docks that offer multiple USB-C connectors as well as power pass-through. They’re rare and expensive. I expected to see multi-port USB-C hubs at least by now, but those haven’t appeared almost four years out from the introduction of USB-C on Apple and Google hardware.

However, USB 3.0 with a Type A connector can carry 5 Gbps, and a 3.0 hub connected with a Type-A to Type-C connector will likely perform just as well as an all USB-C connector. Very few devices perform at 10 Gbps or even close to that.

It’s also possible to get 10 Gbps USB Type A devices — the USB-C connector isn’t required for higher speeds. But I’m unclear if any company has built those out.

USB Group Moves to Validate USB-C Devices for Safety and Security
(Kenoli Oleari) #3

I am really curious why they haven’t appeared. All of your suggestions are good but it seems crazy to convert to usba and then back to usbc and, of course, means buying multiple converters. I’m not so worried about speed, as connections to devices.

Another thing that concerns me is that I got a logic board from apple which hardly held the usbc plugs in place. They actually worked themselves out with minimal motion. Apple replaced it, but I have noticed that the mechanical reliability of usbc connections seems to decrease some with use, They just don’t seem to be as mechanically reliable as previous usb connectors. It seems like what is happening is that they are just sliding over connections in a printer circuit board and this can result in wear. Is this true? Any idea what this is all about? The faulty motherboard result several times in an external drive working itself loose, which is potentially a major concern. How did this design come to be. It seems a step back from previous connectors.


(jimthing) #4

OWC just released these ClingOn things, that can hold TB3/USB-C cables in place on things like storage boxes.

Though obviously it’s unlikely they’d work on laptops as they’d probably not have enough space around the port to stick (and would likely be knocked off when moving the laptop around anyway!).

Better than nothing though. :expressionless:

(jimthing) #5

Like which?

The only two recent ones are full TB3 docks. Firstly the Caldigit TS3+ dock, and secondly the new OWC 14-port dock (both with one at 5Gbps, t’other at 10Gbps).

(Simon) #6

TB3 is of course more expensive than just a pure USB-3 dock so maybe that rules it out for you. OTOH this TB3 dock offers 2 USB-C ports (10 Gbps) in addition to 2 A-type 3.0 ports and 2 dedicated TB3 ports.