Recommendations for USB C hub

I’m probably going to take the plunge and buy one of the 16” MacBook Pros. Any recommendations for a hub which will provide at least 3 old-style USB ports, power and an HDMI port to drive a 2460x1440 monitor (probably a Dell P2418D) would be gratefully received. I’d like one with a cable at least 12"; I could always use a USB-C extension cable, I suppose, if the recommendation has a captive lead.

I’m in the UK, if that’s relevant.


Not sure if any of the ones suggested here meet your criteria or not (mostly bumping this topic to solicit replies :-)).

In the first response to a thread I started about a different issue, Alan Forkosh recommended a VAVA hub that seems to meet most of your desires (3 USB-A ports, USB-C port for power in, HDMI port, and more). Its cable is more like 6 inches than 12 inches and is permanently attached. I now have one and am satisfied with it (although it did not solve my problem).

I have the same VAVA hub, it’s the Wirecutters recommendation as well. The short cable bugs me, the damn thing won’t lie flat on the desk when attached to my iMac. But the HDMI works fine, the USB 3.0 ports give 350-450 Write/Read speeds to my SanDisk external SSD. There’s an SD card slot too which I’ve yet to use, but will wish it was laying flat when I pop a card in it…

If you don’t necessarily need Ethernet (or you already have some kind of USB Gigabit dongle) there’s this dock for just $18 (with coupon). It’s also a Wirecutter recommendation.

Since a Gigabit USB adapter is about $12 I cannot consider the $60 VAVA really good value compared to this dock.

Should you prefer an extra USB-C for daisy chaining over a USB2 port, there’s also this $25 dock.

I have the VAVA 9-port hub and it works fine on my 2020 MB Air, but I don’t like the clutter on my desk, and it’s inconvenient when I carry my Mac around. I then found this DGRule - The Invisible Hub for MacBook and ordered it. Looks like it’s a very good solution, but it’ll only arrive in August, so I can’t yet say whether it’ll live up to its promise.

Does it have its own power supply or does the MBP provide the power? I’m found that a hub powered off the MBP is overworked and went to a separately powered hub - but it’s not “invisible."

I’m not exactly sure what you mean. The DGRule works like the VAVA hub. It doesn’t have its own power supply, it gets power from the wall, which charges the Mac. If not connected to electricity it simply allows use of whatever peripherals are plugged in, as if the I/O ports were a part of the Mac, and the Mac powers everything as much as it can. The “invisible” in the name simply reflects its physical appearance, almost unseen, as if it were part of the Mac, rather than a dongle hanging out and making clutter. Take a look at the DGRule web site, and there are also YouTube videos about it.