USB Group Moves to Validate USB-C Devices for Safety and Security

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Cheap cables and compatibility issues with USB-C have led USB’s trade and standards group to launch an authentication program that will pair certification with cryptographic locks to ensure device safety and data security.

Hopefully this will make consumers lives easier when buying even simple products like USB-C cables.

Does this mean that brands will display a logo or text identifying what the cable is certified to do?

Much like how currently Apple MFi certified cables/devices can either claim Apple MFi Certified ® and/or display one of the Apple MiFi logos:


Wouldn’t that be nice! I’d love to see it, but it’s not part of this specification. The USB-IF and the Thunderbolt 3 group (i.e., Intel) does have standard iconography and wording for gross compatibility. USB 3.0 and 3.1 cables are supposed to have a particular “SS” logo (probably ill-advised given history). The “10” in the logo is for USB 3.1 (of course) and the battery symbol indicates Power Delivery 2.0 (but not what wattage).

B&H has a great little write up of this with some amazing illustrations.

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