Sleep tracking notification problems

What’s the path to that screen?

My own experience with iOS 14 and watchOS 7 has been bedeviled by the “Health” app, whose “Sleep/Wake tracking” is ruining my sleep! I played with the sleep tracking features after installing the new watchOS on my Apple Watch 5, only to discover that I’d created an inextinguishable Zombie who insisted on waking me up every morning at 6 am to the tune of an alarm sound I’d never heard before. I figured out how to turn all that stuff on the watch pretty quickly, but then the alarm came from my phone instead, and there I eventually discovered that turning off the wakeup alarm only did it for the next day, that TRYING to turn it off for EVERY day (in the Sleep section of the Health app) is not possible (one cannot deselect every one of the day of the week headers), but that it IS possible to delete the entire iPhone Sleep/wake monitoring. Even THEN, it’s presence remains in the iPhone Clock app, where it just tells you that no sleep/wake alarms are set. With an interface as jumbled as that, 32 PB may not be enough!

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Speaking of which, I turned that stuff on, and the first morning I hit snooze (by accident) and then got up before the snooze time ran out. I couldn’t figure out how to turn off the alarm. I had to wait until the snooze alarm went off before I could turn it off. Does anybody know if it’s possible and if so, how?

The worst is that if you do it the way most people likely will, it will bedevil you EVERY morning until you wade through an interface that requires wading through different parts of different apps on BOTH your watch (or at least the Watch App on the iPhone) and in the Clock and Health apps on the iPhone.

My guess is that you could clobber most of it by going DIRECTLY to the “Sleep” section of the Health App on your phone and turning off all aspects of the sleep monitoring interface, but even that will leave you with screen clutter in the iPhone Clock App (alarms tab).

I think you’re right. If you go to Health > Sleep > Full Schedule & Option and disable the Sleep Schedule switch, all the alarms should be turned off. But the Sleep/Wake-Up alarm in the Clock app appears to be there permanently now.

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Is it possible to turn off the wakeup alarm after hitting snooze? Or do you simply have to wait until the snooze alarm goes off before you can turn it off? It seems like a pretty basic thing, so I feel like I must just have missed it in my sleep-deprived state.

Yes, it’s relatively easy to turn off the alarm FOR TODAY ONLY, but the next morning it will attack you again. So, if you’ve enabled it on your watch, you’ll need to visit the SLEEP section of the Health app on your phone to disable it completely (and be sure to disable the notifications on your watch as well).