ScanSnap now has a Catalina version of their old software

Morning all

I got a SnapScan alert this morning informing me they had a software update that I nearly ignored as I had moved to Exact Scan but checked it mostly to make it go away…

And the old software is now running on Catalina, it took a long time to download but all the old features are there :slight_smile:




If you read the notice Scansnap Compatibility at the bottom it says that it is compatible with the S1300.

Did not see that it covered the S1500M SnapScan. Has anyone tried it on that?

What a roller coaster. Just two days ago I gave away my much-loved ScanSnap s1300 because I am now using macOS Catalina (which is not supported by Fujitsu for the s1300) Worry not — the recipient understood the limitations and is running a machine on Mojave.

Then I saw your post just now and my heart sunk. Could it be that I could have used my scanner after all?

Sadly for all of us this seems to be a prank. Here’s what I found on the Fujitsu site.

And I couldn’t find the s1300 on the supported software list. Am I missing something?

As I said… What a roller coaster!

It’s not a prank.

I think the S1300 is supported. I have just uninstalled ScanSnap Home and installed the new ScanSnap Manager v7 which is is now 64 bit so supported on Catalina:

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Well I upgraded the SnapScan software to the new version for my S1500M and it works just like the old one. I tried to use the Scan to Searchable PDF, but the scan software is slow and, worse, is very poor resolution even with minimal compression. I had hoped to use it and get rid of Adobe Acrobat that came with my previous version, as that is 32 bit.

I have not upgraded to Catalina yet (and probably will skip it) but I found it odd that the supporting software for the SnapScan (FineReader and Scam to Searchable PDF) still seem to be 32 bit. That is confusing to me.


Old thread I know, but be aware that the ScanSnap Manager app is being unsupported from Nov. 2024 (downloadable until Oct.2024), making Sonoma or Sonoma+1 (whatever macOS 15 is called) likely the last macOS it works with:

I personally use the ScanSnap Home app now anyway which is not as bad IMO as others feel it is. But I know other users on these forums use ScanSnap machines using the Manager app instead who may want to avail themselves of this info.


EDIT, see also: