Surprise! Fujitsu Releases 64-Bit ScanSnap Manager for Older Scanners

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Since the release of Catalina, owners of older ScanSnap scanners have been scrambling to find a way to keep their devices functioning after Fujitsu refused to upgrade its software. In a surprising—and very late—move, Fujitsu has released the 64-bit ScanSnap Manager V7, which includes support for some previously end-of-lifed scanners.


Too late Fujitsu, I’ve already abandoned you for a new Brother scanner.

Well, this bodes well for the ScanSnap that I picked out of the freight elevator lobby trash pile 9 months back. Hadn’t gotten around to hooking it up, but will do so now that I can use native software.


Way too late here as well; I still have my S1500M, but my company (meaning: me) has already shelled out a hundred plus bucks for a couple of other packages (the first one was not so great; wound up sticking with (and regularly/daily using) ExactScan, which has been a champ).

What the end result is is that, when it comes time to buy another scanner eventually, it’s doubtful I’ll consider Fujitsu ScanSnap again after this particular debacle.

Keep in mind, too, that when the macOS moves to ARM, Fujitsu will likely not update for that. I know ExactScan will.

Agreed. If they cared at all about us, they would have done it a year ago.

This is an interesting point. But the fact that they are pitching V7 for their newish iX1500 scanner makes it hard to believe they’d abandon ScanSnap Manager anytime soon.

And then if you consider my one hypothesis that they may be effectively replacing ScanSnap Home with ScanSnap Manager V7 due to the feature gap challenge, then perhaps SSM has new life and will be the supported product going forward.

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Haha yes! This might be a great time to hit Craigslist or Freecycle for junked ScanSnaps that people think are EOL! Shhhh, don’t spread this article yet! :rofl:

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Nice to see that Fujitsu management finally came to their senses.
And it wouldn’t be Fujitsu if also in 2020 their mac keyboard shortcut to open settings wouldn’t still be the really odd ⌘S instead of the macOS standard ⌘,

They just do uhm don’t care. You have to love that company.

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What gets me about developers and manufacturers is that they had almost two years advance notice that 32 bit support was going away and they didn’t care about their customers.

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I have a S510M. I selected the S1500M as my model (thinking that was probably the oldest model). Works with my 510M! The surprises continue!


I’m a bit confused here. I have a scansnap 1300i — I changed over to using the Scansnap
I don’t do a lot of scanning - but I assumed that solved the issue for me and my occasional needs to scan.

If I were to download ScanSnap Manager V7 and install it, will my scanner then become confused as to which app to launch and use? Do I need to uninstall ScanSnap Home if I add ScanSnap Manager V7? I guess I don’t know what limitations one has over the other.

Or do you keep both of them on your Mac and use whichever is most appropriate to your scanning needs?

Thanks so much for this article! I also got my S510M working by downloading the S1500M version that @typ993 mentioned (funny, I used the same logic). Until now I had a Parallels instance of Mojave running just to keep the Scansnap working.


Got v7 driver installed today on Mojave and it works with my S510M. Assuming that it will work on Catalina as well.


Fantastic! That makes it all worthwhile! Glad you can ditch your virtualization, esp since it probably won’t work on Apple silicon! (Right??)

Were you holding out on Catalina because of your scanner, like me?

Yes, I was. My S510M is a real workhorse. I keep almost no paper so I’m always scanning stuff.

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What are the limitations of Home vs Manager?

I’ve got Home working well, you can select what app the file opens in inside the settings, and AFAICT the options are almost identical, but laid-out differently.

Honestly, love to know the missing features…?

(Although for older machines, having Mgr back is a v.useful thing.)

I’m so happy I could almost cry! My favorite scanner the ScanSnap S510M which is why I had to keep an old Mac Mini 2012 around just for scanning. Such a hassle to switch computers & all that just because Fujitsu had dropped support for this fine scanner in 2013.

Anyway, the new v7 software works great with MacOS Mojave & ScanSnap S510M. One small difference that I notice is that OCR is now included an an option while scanning. That is great & seems to work fine. But doing the OCR while scanning does slow you down considerably.

I don’t see a way to OCR the document later, as the older ScanSnap software did. With the old v3 software I used to scan all the documents quickly, then select the whole batch of new PDFs, right click & open with “Scan to Searchable PDF”. That would chug along in the background while I did other things & I didn’t need to wait for OCR to finish before proceeding.

The download link for ScanSnap v7 is:

I chose the download for the S1500M, that worked fine for the S510M which is not listed as compatible, but it definitely is compatible.

Huge Thanks to Fujitsu for being awesome & supporting the $500 scanner I bought many years ago. The great software is an important part of why we bought the ScanSnaps in the first place.

Also huge thanks to Adam & Tidbits! :raising_hand_man:t2:


What are the limitations of Home vs Manager?

An important limitation of Home is that it doesn’t support the S300M (at least, it didn’t when it was first released). :slight_smile:


Please note that (at least for the S1500M download) you only download the installer, which in turn downloads the “real” DMG.

For anyone really liking to have the real installation DMG (around 1 GB!):

This is from the official PFU Ltd (Fujitsu) domain.


It would really nice to have a comparaison Home vs Manager ??