Robocall Blockers Caught Sending User Information to Third Parties

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A security researcher has discovered that many popular iOS robocall-blocking apps share your data with third parties, often in violation of App Store guidelines.

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I use the free AT&T Protect Robocall Blocking app. I figure AT&T already know who calls me and who I call anyway. 3rd party companies, yeah, no way I’m touching those.

I use AT&T Protect also, and the problem that I see is that it is powered by Hiya, so it would seem our information is going out to 3rd party companies.

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I hadn’t noticed the Hiya connection before, but right you are. So they have the smarts and AT&T are using them to provide the service. I would hope that they are not keeping logs of all the incoming calls but they are keeping a list of which numbers you have chosen to block so they have information that I would rather only AT&T has. You would think AT&T would be big enough to be able to build this kind of technology but it takes a 3rd party to do it instead.