Recommendations for USB C hub

I’m probably going to take the plunge and buy one of the 16” MacBook Pros. Any recommendations for a hub which will provide at least 3 old-style USB ports, power and an HDMI port to drive a 2460x1440 monitor (probably a Dell P2418D) would be gratefully received. I’d like one with a cable at least 12"; I could always use a USB-C extension cable, I suppose, if the recommendation has a captive lead.

I’m in the UK, if that’s relevant.


Not sure if any of the ones suggested here meet your criteria or not (mostly bumping this topic to solicit replies :-)).

In the first response to a thread I started about a different issue, Alan Forkosh recommended a VAVA hub that seems to meet most of your desires (3 USB-A ports, USB-C port for power in, HDMI port, and more). Its cable is more like 6 inches than 12 inches and is permanently attached. I now have one and am satisfied with it (although it did not solve my problem).