Question about iPhone, 3G and updates

In another post, David C. Shamino wrote:

  • "The iPhone 4S is a great phone. And it’s really easy to replace the battery (I’ve done it myself). The biggest problem with it is that it is a 3G device and the major network operators are in the process of shutting down their 3G networks. If you’re in a region that only has LTE service, that iPhone will have no connectivity other than Wi-Fi.?

I have an iPhone 6s … does anyone know whether that is also only a 3G device which will need to be replaced? Thanks!


Apple introduced 4G/LTE support (for data connections) with the iPhone 5.

Voice-over-LTE (so you don’t need to use the 2G/3G network for voice calls) was introduced in the iPhone 6.

So you should have no problem with your 6S. To make sure your carrier supports voice-over-LTE (it almost certainly does in 2021), check the Cellular settings.