Making the mouse pointer easier to see on-screen

In the past I’ve made the mouse pointer a little larger in macOS and turned on the shake-to-enlarge option in System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > Pointer. However, even then I sometimes find it hard to make out where the pointer is sometimes, as it can blend into whatever it is currently in front of.

I’m not sure if this is a recent Accessibility addition, or I’ve just not spotted it before, but today I discovered that it’s possible to change the colour of the mouse pointer! So now I’ve made it purple with a magenta outline — no danger of it hiding from me with those colours. :slight_smile:


That’s a new option in Monterey, I think.

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Thanks for the cool tip, Alan.

I’ve noticed when I do this it doesn’t ignore the notch on the new M1 Pro. Isn’t the pointer supposed to not let you go inside the notch? It did that when I was setting up the machine, but with a larger pointer it doesn’t.

Yet setting the pointer back to small, it still disappears behind the notch, which is a bit confusing.

Just note that when you do this you risk suffering from a memory leak.


Sadly, I ran into this exact same issue last week, my Mac’s memory usage increased noticeably, to the point where it was starting to swap out memory to disk. I reset the pointer colours and the leaks have disappeared. Hoping that 12.1 will fix this.


I never changed the pointer on my system, and it went behind the notch when I tried it this morning.