macOS Monterey and Drobo


I have a Drobo 5D. Has anyone used it with Monterey? They still use a KEXT which I would have hoped they would have moved away from by now.

I am not very confident for Drobo’s future. They have not had any stock to sell for a long time. Obviously the chip shortage hasn’t helped, but you would think they would have some stock.

I have a 5D and a 5D3, but I haven’t upgraded the Mac they’re hooked up to. The last word from Drobo was this:

Hopefully that will be updated soon, now that Monterey has been released.

I saw that as well. I just wondered if anyone had actually done it. We can only hope they finish the testing soon.

How do you feel about Drobo at the moment?

Better than I used to. They provided a release for M1 (Apple Silicon), after all, which I assume takes more effort than supporting Monterey. I’m not happy about the multiple changes of ownership, and it remains to be seen if/when they will release new products, but as long as the software is maintained, I remain cautiously optimistic. I’ve looked at the alternatives, and none really appeal to me.

Fingers crossed. I will let you know when I upgrade. I hope it will be soon :grinning:

It looks like we are good go.

We have found no issues in our testing of the new macOS Monterey. Before upgrading always have a backup of the data on the Mac and on the Drobo. Prior to upgrading your macOS, properly shutdown the Drobo using Drobo Dasboard.

Who wants to go first? :grinning:. I will try and do my upgrade over the weekend.

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I have done the upgrade. All looks good so far.


I have now successfully upgraded as well.

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