macOS Monterey 12.0.1 released — along with Big Sur 11.6.1

Soooo…just checking on something else and found the Monterey OS is now released and available, and already at 12.0.1. Also discovered “another update is available” as a link with that notification, and found that Apple released a Big Sur 11.6.1 updater as well.

I’ll apply the Big Sur updater now, figuring that this is yet another zero-day emergency OS release, but wondering what’s up with all that?

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Just a guess, but since 11.6.1 was in beta test as a Release Candidate since the end of September, it was released today as a Security Update for something that is also included in 12.0.1 and perhaps all the 15.1/8.1 iDevice releases today. They probably waited to make details available here.

(details available soon)

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