macOS 10.13.4 Warns Users about 32-Bit Apps

(Jerry Nilson) #21

No, the problem I brought up was that even if you have the link you mention, you normally cannot use that link to download the installer! What I told there was how to circumvent that to give a tip to others who might have the same problem of downloading the installer in your link.

(Jolin Warren) #22

A lot of the ‘apps’ I have that are 32-bit are AppleScript’s I’ve written and saved as apps. I’ve not yet updated to 10.13, but will Script Editor there re-save them as 64-bit apps?

(Betty Fellows) #23

I’m glad that I will have at least another year for my Quicken 2007 app to still work. I know I will be forced to upgrade eventually, but right now the newer versions have really inferior reports which makes it hard to give my tax info to my tax preparer.

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(akent35) #25

Also, I am not seeing any warnings about 32 bit software. I have both Quicken 2007 and Magic Number Machine (a calculator), and no matter how many times I launch either one, I am not getting any kind of 32 bit warning. And that is true for both of my Macs.

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(Adam Engst) #26

Curious. You’ll get the warning only once per app, regardless, but I don’t know why you’re not getting them at all.

(@lbutlr) #27

Are you up-to-date with 10.13.4?

(akent35) #29

Yeah, really strange. And I stated in my original post, I did a clean, fresh installation of OS 10.13.4 on both of my Macs. I then, via Migration Assistant, “migrated”/copied needed “stuff” from my just completed SuperDuper! Backup

(Sandi) #30

I agree with you Betty! I have used Quicken 2007 since it was released. I have years and years of reports and templates and I manage my whole business with it. I have done a lot or research and know the new version still cannot even come close to the reporting of 2007. My brother has the new version and likes it because of it’s stocks and bonds attribute, but he does not have the need for the reports I do. Glad to run across another Quicken 2007 user!