Mac Studio with a small, portable monitor

Even if a Mac Studio SSD upgrade was only available at Apple at some point, the cost would presumably come down over time.

When Adam wrote about his iMac adventures in April 2020, I responded:

I have had my own misadventures with iMacs, and although none compare, they have been irritating enough that I am very leery of buying another iMac. What I want is a scaled-down version of the new Mac Pro – a Mac mini Pro decked out with similar aluminum construction and accessibility but much smaller and less expensive that the Mac Pro. Hopefully the Apple gods are listening to my prayers.

Then in May '21, I wrote:

I am tired of sending perfectly workable iMac screens to be recycled because the cpu chip is not up to snuff. I would like a beefy Mac mini Pro that is user upgradeable with a 2nd hard drive and more RAM. Screens last for years and can go from Mac to Mac.

Well apparently wishes do come true sometimes, even if not 100%. It looks like Mac Studio SSDs might be upgradeable at some point. RAM, no. Accessibility, somewhat — there are screws hidden under the rubber ring on the bottom which beats removing an iMac’s screen. I am happy.

Now I want to figure out which monitor and I want an additional mini monitor to make the Mac Studio semi portable. In some locations, I could attach it to a TV or screen share over Apple TV.

One computer to rule my Mac world.

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Small monitors exist. I just did a quick Amazon search for 12" displays, and there are many in the price-range of $100-150, using either 1080p or 720p resolutions. VGA and HDMI inputs seem typical, with some also including NTSC composite over RCA or BNC (e.g. for security cameras).

Similar searches also show the availability of 10" and 8" displays, typically with 1024x768 or 1024x600 resolution, which is probably too small for your desktop, but may be fine for some applications.

I have no idea if any of them are good quality. So read reviews and be skeptical before buying one.


Something attached to the Studio, like a Mac equivalent of a gaming console display such as the G-STORY 12.5‘’ Portable Monitor for Xbox Series S?

Yes, a small screen attached to the Mac Studio is one idea. I realize that it could also be laptop size: 13 or 14” like this one:

Luckily I have time to look around. Who knows — someone might make a portable monitor aimed at Mac Studio owners.