Keeping a 27-inch iMac going

Just a contrary note - I also have a 27in iMac 2017, and two years ago I gave it a new lease on life by switching to an external TB3 2T SSD (OWC Envoy Pro FX) as the boot drive. Much easier than cracking it open to replace the Fusion drive, which I now use as a Time Machine backup drive for my laptop. That Fusion drive would be fine for media storage as well. The only downside is that Apple has recently decreed I can’t go past Ventura for MacOS updates.

So you have a year or two of security updates still coming. If you need/want to keep using your iMac 2017 after that, or if you think that any of the post-ventura updates are worthwhile (a valid question) then you should consider OpenCore Legacy Patcher, which has been enormously successful in extending the lives of Macs for which Apple has dropped support:

And the other option, of course, is just keep the iMac off the internet. You won’t be getting OS “updates,” of course, but I’ll say again that those “updates” are of questionable value.

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Thanks for the pointer. According to the documentation, my iMac isn’t currently supported, but that may change after MacOS 14/Sonoma is released and the patcher is updated to support it.

Yes, of course; that’s because your iMac supports Ventura, the latest official release. I will bet you a cuppa coffee, however, that OCLP is updated to support your iMac for Sonoma. But you have the link now.

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Thank again.