iPhone screen sensitivity

In the last month I’ve had quite a few instances where my phone has taken pictures in my pocket - burst mode no less. Other times I’ll put it out of my pocket and find it’s on and in an app and hot from being open for awhile. My SO has also commented that his seems to be more sensitive.

I know it can get into the camera app from the home screen but I’m not sure how it’s getting into other apps unless I’m forgetting to hit the side button before putting it in my pocket.

We’ve both been on iOS 16 for a long time but for me anyway, it’s gotten worse in the past month.

Did something change in sensitivity in a recent update? Is there a setting where I can dial it back down a bit?


I’ve had similar things happen occasionally. I traced most of it to Raise-to-Wake—when the screen is waking up whenever the phone returns to vertical orientation, this can happen unintentionally in the process of putting the phone in your pocket, even after you’ve turned off the screen with the side button, and it can even happen while the phone is in your pocket and you change position. About the only way I’ve found to stop it is to turn off Raise-to-Wake altogether.

Since the ultimate problem comes from the fact that some fabrics are thin enough for the screen to register a touch through them, activating the camera inadvertently, Tap-to-Wake can probably also cause this problem. Same solution as with Raise-to-Wake: turn the setting off.

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