iPhone and iPad clipboard manager?

Any recommendations, for one or both, will be most appreciated.

And are there any for Watch?

I have used Copied which is available from the App Store. It works with iOS and Mac and readily transfers between the two. Not my favorite but it is flexible and dependable.

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When I search for “copied” I don’t get any hits, for iOS or MacOS.
What search term should I use?

I suspect the company for “copied” has gone away.
What other similar apps are good?
There are so many it seems impractical to choose one…

Hmm. I simply checked it in my list of apps. It is Copied by Kevin Chang. I notice the copyright is 2015-2020. It is listed in Utilities but I too did not find it when I tried searching in the App Store programs. My apologies - I assumed it was still active but not finding it in the store list makes me think it no longer is. I also notice that someone posted they had trouble with it going to Big Sur.

Sorry if I gave a wrong recommendation. It still works for me but I’m running Catalina and iOS 14.8.

Just a footnote… I thought I had heard of Copied, so I searched in my previously purchased items in the App Store and I found Copied and download it onto my iPad running iOS 15 and it seems to work perfectly still. Previous to that search, I had not found any clipboard programs for iOS that did not require a monthly or yearly subscription.

So the moral of the story is, it may be worth a quick search to see if you previously downloaded the program.

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This article reviews several approaches to managing the iOS clipboard:

For clipboard apps, scroll about halfway down to:
“4. Use iPhone clipboard manager apps to save and access multiple clipboard entries”

Does anyone have recommendations for the best iOS clipboard manager?

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Check out Paste on the App Store. Multiple clipboards, persistent clipboards, cross platform between IOS and MacOS

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For my iPhone, I’ve settled on Copy’em, which syncs with the macOS version.

Turns out that syncing between iOS and macOS is table stakes for me. I need to have the same history as well as (persistent) favorites wherever I’m working.

The iOS version has a custom keyboard which makes it very easy to paste favorites into email, web forms, and texts on my iPhone.

Some features are available only by subscription ($9/year). As I recall, there is a single subscription for all platforms, i.e., iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

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