Looking for clipboard manager

Can anyone recommend a good clipboard manager? I find it to be a necessary part of my workflow. I’ve been using Clipy, the offspring of Clipmenu. The only problem is that it always saves items. When you quit, the clipboard doesn’t clear.

I use Keyboard Maestro now, but previously I used

You can also get it on the Mac App Store if you prefer.

I tend to use the one built into LaunchBar. I don’t love it, but it does the job.

Isn’t saving items one of the reasons you want a clipboard manager? Anyways, I use CopyLess 2, and it does have an option “Remove non-favorite elements on quit” that may do what you want.

One would like to clear the clipboard when shutting down the computer, for security reasons, or at some other time for other reasons. There’s an option in Clipy but it doesn’t work. This subject has been discussed at Macintouch.

I love iClip, been using it since it was a pup. Good support, works fine with Catalina. I like to save my clips, but I believe there’s a pref setting to erase/clear them on close.

Just tried setting the option in Copyless 2, and it works as expected. Quitting the app clears non-favorites but leaves the system clipboard alone. Restarting clears non-favorites from Copyless’ history and the system clipboard isn’t saved. So at least with respect to that feature, Copyless 2 seems to do what you want.

Keyboard Maestro has an option “Save Clipboard History Between Launches” which is off by default, so whenever you fully quit the app / shutdown / reboot the computer, it will clear the clipboard history.


I took a look at Copyless 2. First it was free, then it was paid, now it has in-app purchases. I try to avoid that kind of thing, and I usually avoid software I can only get on the App store as I’m not a fan of the App store. I remember when they were called programs.

For a different kind of clipboard manager, try Unclutter. When you move your pointer to the top edge of the screen and scroll down (or press a hot key), a panel slides down with notes, clipboard history, and files. You simply select the item you want and then paste.

Why do I like it?

  1. The gesture to bring up the clipboard (and notes) is dead simple.
  2. The history is big enough to see easily.
  3. You can edit clips in place before pasting.
  4. You can access your saved snippets (notes) with the same gesture.

Clipy does everything I want except clear its history.

OK. I downloaded Unclutter, unzipped it, and was met with the message that I could test the demo for seven days only if I sent them my email address first. No thanks.

The industry these days, right? Ugh.

Flycut is another possibility.

LaunchBar has a manual Clear History button, a checkbox that lets you control whether clipboard history should be preserved across restarts, and a time or quantity setting for how far back it should remember.

Personally, I want LaunchBar to retain clipboard history for as long as possible (1 week), and never clear it between restarts. If anyone has access to my Mac, the contents of the clipboard is the least of my security worries.

I’ve also used Keyboard Maestro’s clipboard history successfully; I may have switched to LaunchBar purely because I was editing a book about it at the time.

I use QuickSilver for fast and CopyClip for a larger "collection.
Both save thru restarts.
After that, scissors.

Do you use LaunchBar in addition to the dock? What do you like about LaunchBar? I still have Quicksilver but never saw much use for it.

I use Launchbar because it gives me very fast access to any application, any emoji characters, a whole host of custom snippets, and so many other things it is hard to keep track of. Of right, search. Lots of searches. ⌘-space, wi and I am searching wikipedia, chang that to ab and I’m searching amazon books, or am for amazon itself.

And I use a very small part of the capabilities.

I mostly never use the Dock. It is hidden and has a 2.5s delay before it comes up. If I want to use it, I really have to want to use it.

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I have been using Copypaste pro for many, many years. It’s one of the original clipboard managers and has a few bells and whistles that I’ve not found elsewhere, such as “extract and sort email addresses” that have made my life easier on many occasions.

Not sure what your needs are but I use an app called 'Copy Paste Pro" and it works well for me.

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Paste is by far the best Clipboard manager. You can have multiple boards, one with persistent pins like a signature or some you use all the time. It stores taxt and graphics. You determine.how often to erase saved pins in the Clipboard. Works in iOS and MacOS. $9 a year by subscriprion. Worth every penny. Well supported and updated as neded.emphasized text