iPhone 8 battery drain, perhaps with iOS 14

You can carefully tap a region on the graph to see which app is doing the most draining. Messenger apps tend to do strange things and apps that like to check-in too as well as location & background refresh apps.

About once a month, if I think of it or if my iPhone SE (1Gen) acts too weird, turn everything off. and do a hard restart. (Don’t make this too much of a habit; just a last resort.)

Settings / App Store / Video Autoplay Off seems to have fixed it. Both phones had it turned on by default - creepy! The drain with it turned off is about the same as when wifi is turned off.
How did people discover this obscure “trick”?

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All I can say is that when I saw the App Store was using so much battery I went into settings to see if there was some way to make it use less battery, and I noticed that setting. I hardly ever use the App Store - I go into it every day or two to update apps, and maybe once a month look for a new app for some reason (it’s probably less often now,) I never want video autoplay ever anyway - I want videos to start when I activate them - so I was glad to see that changing that one thing fixed the App Store battery issue for me and turned off videos as well.

Interesting…my two year old iPhone 11 (not Pro) has 85% Max capacity?