Apple Releases iOS 14.1, iPadOS 14.1, HomePod Software 14.1, and tvOS 14.0.2

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Apple has released iOS 14.1, iPadOS 14.1, and HomePod Software 14.1, with the first two adding support for playing and editing HDR video and the HomePod update adding the new Intercom feature.


Posting here what I have also posted elsewhere, in case readership doesn’t overlap.

I tried to update an XS running 14.0.1 from a new iMac running 10.15.7. Said the download was corrupted. Tried again. Same result. 5 minutes’ wait each time @ 100 Mbit/s. Knowing the classic definition of insanity, I tried over WiFi (much smaller download). No problems.

Same download issue for an iPad Pro running iPadOS 14.0.1, same OK result when updating over WiFi.

Separate issue with automatic backup/sync to the Mac before attempting the downloads: got a generic “can’t sync” message. Researched online; almost all the results were about what to do in ancient versions and reference something called iTunes. (I jest, but they did.) Checked Apple’s support site: lots of voodoo suggestions, but nothing that sounded plausible. Since the Mac is new, I figured, why not try hitting that “Change Password…” button under Backups in the Finder window (when an iThing is attached). iCloud remembered my old password, I entered and verified a new and better one, and Bob was my proverbial uncle. Is the system ID or something else in hard/firmware involved? Or is it that I now have a shiny, new machine with a T2 chip (caution: monitor all domestic help)?

Anyway, Apple, if you read these TidBits discussions, that’s three (3) things that did not Just Work™.


I have been using stereo Homepods with my ATV 4k with reasonable success for many months. I mostly use the Computers app that came with the ATV. After the last tvOS update (14.0.2j I have found that control of the Homepods with the ATV Siri Remote has become unreliable when running the Computers app. In particular, if Homepod Siri is used then the Remote can no longer control the Homepod volume. Bizarrely the sound keeps coming from the Homepods but the + and - signs are no longer illuminated. The only way I can change the volume is to ask Homepod Siri.
I have found that I need to restart the ATV in order to regain volume control with the Computers app. Of course that also means I have to reselect the Homepods as the AV audio output.
I have just submitted this as a bug report to Apple. Another tvOS app that has these problems is Channels (for watching free-to-air TV). It seems that methods of watching videos on ATVs without a subscription of some sort, are becoming more difficult with each update!

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So has anyone created a grid showing which iPhone models can run which iOS and popular apps?

As the proud owner of a hand-me-up iPhone 4 (the nephew upgraded his) I can pretty much count on trying to open any interesting app and getting the “You must upgrade to iOS 8, or 10, or something unavailable”

But as I start perusing the used iPhone market, I find myself wondering which older iPhones are worth having, if any of them.

I’m so tired of buying landfill.

There is this for which model supports which iOS version: iOS version by device — iOS Ref

But as I start perusing the used iPhone market, I find myself wondering which older iPhones are worth having, if any of them.

As maybe that chart above suggests, the 6s, 7 and the original SE are probably on their last iOS update. The newest SE model, listed as gen 2 in that chart, is probably the best phone to get at a low price right now. The processor of an iPhone 11 with the design of the older home button iPhones. It will probably be supported with iOS updates for some time to come.

MacTracker or Wikipedia iPhone - Wikipedia

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Adam Engst had problems with apps and folders on the Home screen, which should be fixed in iOS 14.1.
My nighthmare with apps on the Home screen started with iOS 14.1. I had no issues before, but since iOS 14.1 update, I am no more able to rearrange apps the way I had them before. Home screen #2, which always got new apps I bought, is now completely filled up with apps from Home screen #3. Every app I move to #3 (leaving an empty spot in #2) will be filled up from the first object (app or folder) on #3 WHILE MOVING THE ACTUAL APP OUT FROM #2.
It feels like Home screen #2 and #3 are one Screen that wrap around, keeping #2 constantly full.
Any other person out there has this problem?

That’s freaky. You’ve tried restarting the iPhone? An erase and restore from backup might also be in your future.

My iPhone SE just updated to 14.1 yesterday morning and now it seems to be eating battery juice, and getting warm. I’m not using any apps that I hadn’t been using previous to the update. Any suggestions?

I’ve noticed my SE too has been going through a lot more battery than before iOS 14. My suspicion is that at least part of it is more aggressive adjustment to ambient light. I see that battery use increases a lot when I’m reading outdoors in bright sunlight.

I suspect that’s not what’s happening in your case though. It’s not uncommon to see more CPU use (heat) and battery drain after an update. Your SE is likely doing a lot of housekeeping and other post-upgrade tasks that are getting it to heat up and drain your battery. Usually that goes away after the first day or two. What does Settings > Battery tell you about last 24-hr activity? Does that match your recollection? What does it say about on screen vs. off screen?

If you see something out of the ordinary you can always choose to reboot your iPhone. If indeed there was some errant process chewing away at your battery, that should clear it. If not, it most likely is initial post-upgrade load (be patient for it to go away). It could of course also be a bug, but I haven’t read anything like that yet and my SE’s battery consumption hasn’t increased compared to 14.0. Anyway, if it is a bug after all we’d have to wait until 14.1.1 or 14.2 likely to get it resolved.

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Mine seems to do that right after every update. People told me it may be iCloud syncing and backups that are being refreshed with new data. It seems to go away in a bit.

Thanks Adam, a restart has indeed helped to organize my Home screens again. After this restart, my iPhone 11 Pro was always hot and the battery draining fast. Like Charles and Simons. After another 1.5 days I restartet it again and now it seems behaving normally again (concerning Home screens AND battery consumption).

Phew! Just goes to show that it’s always worth restarting when things get funky.

I posted back on Nov 2 that my iPhone SE was eating juice after updating to 14.1. It is still doing so even though I’m now at 14.2. I’m having to charge it at least twice a day. Not sure what is going on.

Any luck with 14.3?

Downloaded 14.3 last night. Used phone for about 45 minutes and it was down to 80% and warm. Sigh…

Bummer. I remember after I installed iOS 14 on my SE (with a 95%-health battery from 2019) I immediately saw a significant increase in battery drain.

I’m on a 12 mini now with no such issues. It’s a real bummer to hear that after three major updates Apple still hasn’t fixed the battery drain on a phone they’re actually still selling (not in the US of course).

Sorry to hear the problems continue. All I have left to suggest is a backup, erase all content and settings, and then restore. It’s a little time consuming but really quite easy.