How to Eliminate the Google Hangouts Migration Dialog

Originally published at: How to Eliminate the Google Hangouts Migration Dialog - TidBITS

Annoyed by an “It’s time for Google Chat” dialog displayed by Brave on every launch, Adam Engst spent more time than he should have figuring out how to prevent the dialog from appearing.

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And here’s another thought: I’ve seen well-behaved Mac apps include a way to take the user back to the source app of a dialog so they could make a meaningful response to the issue that’s being reported. (Even a reminder is an “issue.”) It’s really unclear from the end user’s perspective whether a dialog was initiated by the browser app, by the tool, or somehow by Google itself. A simple link (or even better, a checkbox to say “I’ve taken care of this and please delete my ‘Hangouts’ gadget now” would be great. At very least, supplementary text saying “This notification is from the ‘Hangouts’ tool installed in Brave” would help.

Most of us are capable of chasing these things down, eventually, but what a waste of time to send 30,000 users on a snipe hunt when a little more information would do the trick.

Thanks for taking this one for the team, Adam!

Yes! I figured that in this case, the code may be fairly limited in what it can do, but it would indeed be ideal if the extension could have offered to delete itself.

I couldn’t believe I spent the better part of an hour on this. And sure, I guessed wrong to start, but it could have been a matter of 30 seconds if Google had just said to remove the extension in the dialog or help page.

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Reminds me of the Drobo extension warning dialog that pops up with every boot on one of my Macs. It warns me that a future version of MacOS will not be compatible with some unspecified extension created by Drobo, Inc, which it provides me no way to find. I have not used a Drobo for many many years, so I really don’t care. But after lots of time looking I can’t find it. Unfortunately that Mac is running the latest OS it can support so the future world of incompatibility that I would welcome, and that the computer is warning me about with every boot, will never happen.

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I’ve been getting an identical warning concerning an extension used by the Hindenberg audio editor. It happens on a bootup and like your warning it does not give me any specific information. I will say it’s a great nudge to go slow on stepping to the next release of MacOS.

For what it’s worth I don’t believe it’s Drobo throwing up that dialog but rather it’s MacOS itself.