How do people use iOS mirroring?

When I edit photos taken on my iPhone, I mirror the iPhone to my MacBook so that I can see how the photo looks on both the iPhone screen and the MacBook screen at the same time while I adjust lighting, colours, etc. If I attach my MacBook to an external monitor in mirror mode, then the iPhone photo is shown on three screens at the same time. I love it.


When you do this, does the image you see on the MacBook’s screen look identical to what you get after copying the photo to the Mac and displaying it natively?

I’m curious if the screen-mirror feature preserves color-space metadata or not. And if it’s not identical, it it close enough that it doesn’t matter much?

I don’t have definitive answers to your questions but in my experience, dealing with colour space is difficult when I enable “Settings > Photos > View Full HDR” on the iPhone (which has HDR screen) while mirroring to my MacBook (which has HDR screen) and connected to an external monitor (which is not HDR). It gets quite complicated.

My decision is to disable the above setting and stick with non-HDR for capturing both photos and videos and editing and final output. Otherwise, editing gets tricky and sending the output to friends or for work could lead to horrible results.

Another note … when I edit photos using my 3-screen mirroring setup described above, I focus primarily on the iPhone screen when editing lighting and colour as it has the largest gamut of my 3 screens, but I focus primarily on my HP external 4K monitor when editing noise reduction and sharpening as it has the most pixel. iOS mirroring allows amateur like me with no calibrated professional monitors to edit and get more reliable results.

For remote support I use Anydesk on occasion, it helps me to see & operate the remote iMac. During these sessions I have also used the six @Shamino steps above to view this person’s iPhone, but found it to be not reliable. As I can’t get Anydesk on the remote iPhone to work, the six steps looked like my solution, but they only sometimes work, sometimes not at all. It’s also slow.

I now read about mirroring, is that any different from the six steps?
If not, how do I use it?