Best way to show an iPhone screen to an audience

I’m after ideas how to show an iPhone screen to a large-ish audience. Maybe to 15 people in a business meeting, not an entire lecture hall full of students.

So far I tried screen broadcasting with Anydesk. This can time out unexpectedly therefore prob not reliable enough.

Does anybody have own experience with doing this? What did you use?

Keynote will allow you to present on an external screen from the iPhone. I’ve done that in a pinch when I forgot my laptop adapter.

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Thanks @silbey, but unfortunately not the right use case.
Need to show what I’m doing on an iPhone.

Airplay doesn’t seem to cover the scenario I need, hence my call for ideas.

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I’m after ideas how to show an iPhone screen to a large-ish audience. Maybe to 15 people in a business meeting, not an entire lecture hall full of students.

I’m not sure whether I fully understand the scenario. If your problem is to replicate the iPhone screen to a Mac, then you can use Quicktime Player once the iPhone is connected via USB to the Mac: “File” - “New Movie Recording” - select as a Camera the iPhone. This works also on older versions of macOS. In Monterey, you can AirPlay the iPhone to the Mac, but it would fill up the entire Mac screen.

Go to Control Centre and use the mirroring option there, you can broadcast to either an AppleTV or a Mac connected to a monitor/projector.



@franconi You got this right, thank you. The method via Quicktime does not work, it used to work in the past, I have used it a good number of times, for some reason not anymore.

@fearghas Unfortunately no luck, the Mac (three months old) does not show up. And we are on the same WiFi network.

We now tried Reflector (software), but it’s laggy.

You mentioned that this is not to show a lecture hall full of students but if it’s on a university campus, large “enterprise” WiFi networks are often configured in a way that happens to prevent AirPlay from working. If the iPhone and Mac can join a different WiFi network, maybe even one the Mac creates using Internet Sharing, it might work then.

Other troubleshooting thoughts: AirPlay receiving is in the Sharing preferences, make sure it’s enabled and configured to allow AirPlay from that iPhone (by default, it only works if the iPhone and Mac user use the same Apple ID); both devices need Bluetooth enabled; make sure the Mac doesn’t have a firewall enabled that interferes.

Whenever I have to show an iPhone during a presentation, I use QuickTime:

  1. Connect the iPhone to your Mac with a Lightning cable
  2. In QuickTime choose File > New Movie Recording
  3. Click the downward arrow to the right of the record button in the Movie Recording window.
  4. Under Camera, choose your iPhone

The window now shows what’s on your iPhone’s screen.

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We do the trials in our own office (more precisely, a client tries in his small office). I can replicate the problems in my own office, different brand of router, diff devices, etc etc. No big corporate/enterprise LANs in either office.
we will present in a company office though, no university involved (with their typical own style of IT).

Can’t find any AirPlay receiving in the Sharing preferences, on macOS 11.7 BigSur, no “Sharing” at all on my iPhone (iOS 14.8.1) What exactly did you mean?
Both devices DO use same AppleID, both have BT enabled.

Thanks @jcenters
I know that procedure and have used it in the past. iPhone (or an iPad, or another IPhone) doesn’t show up where it should.

Not sure if this would help, but I use one of these to hook up my iPhone 7 Plus to an HDMI connection on a tv but they’re not cheap:

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Oh, built-in AirPlay receiving on Macs was added in macOS Monterey. On earlier macOS versions, the QuickTime procedure Enrico and Josh described is the way to do it (it also still works on Monterey thought I initially incorrectly chose New Screen Recording).

For tethered mirroring with a Lightning cable and QuickTime Player, Apple ID and Bluetooth shouldn’t matter. Troubleshooting thoughts if the iPhone isn’t appearing the Camera list next to the recording button: Restart both devices; make sure the iPhone trusts the Mac; try a different Lightning cable; connect the Lightning cable directly to the Mac, not through a USB hub (it shouldn’t be a problem but who knows).

Alternately, use an inexpensive USB document camera pointed at the iPhone. You have to be careful about not covering important parts of the screen with your hands but an advantage is you can demonstrate gestures.

Can you clarify which versions of iOS & MacOS you are running - you mention 11.7 which seems a bit early for a three month old Mac if it is a new model.

I was suggesting mirroring which you access via the control centre. Look for the icon with the two overlapping rectangles, you do need to activate AirPlay receiving in System Settings.


Fair comment, sorry for being unclear.
My own; MBP 2015, 11.7 BigSur, iPhone 7 on iOS 14.8.1
Client: MBP 16" (2019) bought as refurb, hence 3 months old, but not a 2021 model. Runs BigSur [Had to amend, my orig text said it’s on Monterey, but not true]. iPhone 13, exact iOS version unclear.

This is def not yet in Big Sur, will check what I find in Monterey. The double rectangle is there, clicking shows a section of reachable AirPlay devices (=my AppleTV), nothing else.
Selecting Screen Mirroring in Control Centre on iOS (swipe up from button, rectangle “Screen Mirroring”) does basically the same, my MBP doesn’t show, but I almost don’t expect that now, given that this might indeed require Monterey.

How did they show iPhones in Apple’s Keynotes in the past, looooong before Monterey?

They used a proprietary tethering mechanism (via the Dock connector), which was integrated with the presentation system.

I remember one of those old keynotes where Steve was talking about how his engineers rigged up something he could use to show his screen to the audience.

I’m using an iPhone 13 Pro Max and MacBook Air M1. When I use Airplay mirroring, it takes over the whole laptop - I can’t show anything else.

So I use Reflector 4. It makes one very nice full screen display but I can also switch to another Desktop screen for a PowerPoint or something. I can also show two devices, e.g. iPhone and iPad at the same time with Reflector.

I agree with the previous comment about Reflector, sometimes it randomly freezes or disconnects.

I have to admit that I like self-contained solutions, so I recently bought a Liene projector for under $100 from amaze - on. I already have the Lightning to HDMI adapter. My adapter is not made by Apple, but it does allow lightning charging power input along side the HDMI output, and both are required to make it work with this particular projector. The projector provides meager sound output as well, or you can use an external speaker for more robust sound output. Depending on your access to other video sharing equipment for your presentation, this sort of option might be worth considering. If you buy from Amaze - on, check that your purchased item is eligible for return in case it doesn’t perform as you expect.

Fearghas McKay is correct (at least if you have Monterey), screen mirroring from the iPhone is excellent.

Been using this for years, works in almost all situations.

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