Daughter looking for a mechanical keyboard that is cute

My daughter is looking around for a mechanical keyboard (that goes clickity clackity) but wants it to be compatible with a new M1 PowerBook she will get this Spring. The one she was looking at has round keys and she has locked onto that, but I have been telling her that most mechs do not have round keys.

Does anyone know of a keyboard that matches these criteria, kawaii and clicking and round?

She was looking at this, but has a WiFi connection which I am not sure about


That keyboard is neither Wi-Fi nor Bluetooth. It has a (probably proprietary) 2.4 GHz transceiver that plugs into a USB 2.0 port. Since the new M1 PowerBook only has type-C USB ports, she will require an adapter or a hub in order to connect the transceiver to the computer. So you’ll have a dongle connected to a USB port in order to support the wireless capability. This isn’t a problem, but it’s kind of ugly, especially on a laptop, where you can’t really hide the dongle from view.

The search criteria used in your link was searching within the “PC gaming” keyboard category. If you filter that down to Bluetooth connectivity, there are only two products listed, and only one is in stock.

If you search instead in the “Computer Keyboards” category and filter on Bluetooth, you get 10 listings: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=mechanical+keyboard+circle+keys&i=computers&rh=n%3A12879431%2Cp_n_feature_fourteen_browse-bin%3A21465200011

But that’s also a pathetic range of choices. Most of the keyboards that your daughter will consider “cute” are wired USB devices. This isn’t necessarily a problem (an A-C adapter/cable is easy to get if you need one), but a USB cable may not be cute enough.

Regarding Mac compatibility, any USB keyboard should be compatible, but the markings on the caps may differ (e.g. “Alt” instead of “option” and a Windows logo instead of “command”). And use of non-Mac media keys may require some configuration either via a software add-on or the Keyboard preference panel. (On the other hand, since it’s for use with a laptop, you still have the built-in keyboard for access to media keys, which might be OK).

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This should fit the bill.

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Here’s another option.