Claris’s Plans for FileMaker Bode Well for Individual Users

The only officially supported version on macOS Ventura is FileMaker v19.6 - folks on the community forum have reported odd interface glitches with earlier 19.x releases but I’m not aware of any specifics regarding v17.x so you’d be in uncharted territory.

Remember that the FileMaker Pro application crashing means that the database files are left in an unfinished state, which could mean corruption (even if not immediately visible). If you’re working with local files, especially with an unsupported version, it’s good to get into the habit of making a backup copy of any files before you open them with FileMaker Pro. That way, if it does crash and the files do get corrupted you’ve only lost the current day’s work.


I’ve just re-watched the webinar (Claris Update Webinar - Jan 25 - YouTube) and noticed that Brad announced that new pricing will be released at the end of next month (i.e. end of March 2023). So that’s a bit more concrete.

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@harriska2 I run FMP 16 in Ventura and it’s rock-solid.


Thanks for thank. Just upgraded to ventura. Have fmp 17.

Guess I can now get the free trial version then convert to the free version. For those that have some FM & web experience, I did a pretty involved app with FMP 4 twenty years ago (cub scout popcorn for the whole pack, kept track of each scout, den totals by case and loose box for each type, pack totals by case, prizes (did they sell enough for prize), even kept track of whole pack extra sales not used for individual prizes so pack could order even more prizes, checks & cash (each denomination) to make bank deposit, fax order to council via case totals and prize totals).

Fast forward to now: I need a web page for people to enter in some text fields, then up load a photo from a cell phone. Would that really be hard or from my previous experience be able to knock that out quickly. My problem is will it be hacker proof, as I am VERY certain it will be hacked professionally, even from out of state, as it is signing a recall petition for a city elected official. Plus if city clerk will play along and if we send them name and address they can give a thumbs up if a registered voter so we can track valid signature totals. Of course back up database to off site, so often or so many signers. I have to collect 40,000 signatures. Want to force a slow entry of data in text fields so computers can’t sign up thousands quickly with bogus data, or only allow so many per IP address.

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I doubt your experience/expertise would be an issue but as it’s not entirely clear what the free version will allow, I’d be guessing web publishing wouldn’t be included.

Whilst I haven’t been keeping a close eye on their videos and announcements, I’m basing this on them saying it will be single user only and won’t allow sharing of the database. I may well be wrong but I suspect you’d need Filemaker Server.

I don’t know if you require users to provide any authentication to enter data, but I think you’d be better off looking at something like Google Forms on the free/low-end or a cloud hosted database like Airtable.

I’m currently using version 18 (and 19) on a MacBook Pro M2 running Ventura, and it works fairly well. Maybe some unexpected crashes.
I definitely know that folks using version 17 on macOS Monterey were getting crashes while using Preview Mode in FileMaker for some layouts, and sometimes while printing (even without previewing first). Another used crashed intermittently when trying to do a Find (version 18 on Monterey).
So, while those versions DO run, you are probably increasing the likelihood of crashing the client. As someone else mentioned, if you do while using a local copy of a database (not hosted on Server), you could potentially corrupt the file. The corruption might not be immediately obvious, but introduce damage that doesn’t show symptoms until weeks or months later.
So, if you want to take chances, you can. There are cases where the trade-off is arguably worth it.

You can minimize risk by creating a backup copy of your file prior to running your database. Keep these backups for a period of time then you’ll have a collection of “versioned” backups. There’s any number of ways to automate this process. (response intended for OP)

A FileMaker database can specify a script that runs when the database is opened. The script can save a backup of the database file.

I would not use an FM script to produce a reliable backup because the program has to be running, and backups should be made when the db is known to be fully at rest. I’d use AppleScript, a shell script, or a utility such as ChronoSync. But yes…the option exists to do it within FM, and you could probably code in a “safety latch” that prevents the db from loading into FM until the backup is complete…as I said, there are “any number” of ways to automate the backup process.

@mark4 I agree 3rd party utilities like you describe (AppleScript, a shell script, ChronoSync, etc.) need to target your database file(s) when they are closed.

If someone what to use a FileMaker script to control such a utility and have it target the same file the script runs from, that would indeed be a problem.

That said, someone could also write a script using the Save a Copy as script step, something that relies on the native menu option of the same name, that can only be used on an open file and that I can only trust works without the problems you mention.

Otherwise, this would equate to saying we should not trust the native menu that lets us save copies of the running file, and I don’t have a reason to think that should be the case.

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yeah–I’m starting to rethink this along the lines @bob_stern and you have brought up…an internal script would definitely be more convenient but care needs to be taken. Thanks for the comments!

For many years, I have used the linked Filemaker script (which includes a demo file) to make a backup of an invoicing app on startup and another backup when closing the file.

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Received email from Claris today (in typical Claris form: mangled and more than halfway unreadable using, regarding “Claris Filemaker 2023”–which appears to be some sort of upgrade to v19 (though this is not clear), all the way down to price: $217, which is consistent with upgrade prices going back to at least FMPA 16. What happened to the free single user version? What’s going on?

If anyone has a clue, please post.


This is an about Claris releasing a new version of their FileMaker line of products (Pro, Server, Go).

The free single user version is for the Claris Platform, and has not been introduced yet. For those who want to be notified about it, they can use this online form to signup and receive a notification when it will be made available: Be the first to try a new way to solve problems.



FWIW, I signed up probably six months ago. I began receiving 3-4 advertising emails a week from Claris. So I unsubscribed. I figured I’d hear about it quickly enough here on TidBITS Talk. But this is becoming the longest preannouncement-to-announcement gap I can ever recall. :slight_smile:


Yeah–I would expect something more than just sending announcements to people who sign up…one would expect some significant announcement? Anyway, Claris has been consistently sending completely unreadable email to me for a few years now. I have no idea what they’re doing. And BTW, per their website, the “upgrade” to the individual copy of FMP, called Filemaker Pro 2023 (that costs $217) appears to offer almost no discernible benefits as an upgrade to Filemaker Pro 19.

Sad. I hope that whatever Claris finally releases whenever maintains FMP as a relevant database development tool. There is simply no viable replacement anywhere.


Checking Claris site now there is a 45 day free trial of Claris Pro, after that full package is $595. There is non-profit and education pricing, but didn’t see the price. Seems you can get a cloud ‘essentials’ package for sharing for up to three apps, 10 users for $21/month.

Not seeing the free package.

I did a rather complicated app in FMP 4, not really had a need since, til now. I guess I’ll just fire up the FMP 6 on Ti PB, and do it there. It’s a small project. This is pretty sad to get everyone’s hopes up, then nothing.

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There is upgrade pricing available (as there has been up to Filemaker Pro 19): $356 for the single user/single license version of “Claris Filemaker Pro 2023.” Here is a copy/paste of eligible version info:

“You can upgrade the product only if you already own a copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced versions 16, 17, or 18; or FileMaker Pro 16 or 19. You can’t install this product if your copy of FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced is part of a volume license.”

I believe the updates used to cost $299 IIRC. Still a fairly generous upgrade path (for Claris–though this contradicts what I posted a month ago on upgrade pricing). Question is, is the upgrade worth it? I’ve been buying updates every 2nd or 3rd version since v11–looks like that might continue. The feature set for what is now otherwise known as “Filemaker Pro 20.1.1” looks a little thin:

FileMaker Pro Release Notes

But none of this addresses what was discussed earlier in this thread (can’t say Claris “promised” anything because I don’t think any Claris reps posted here).

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