Claris’s Plans for FileMaker Bode Well for Individual Users

That’s only if you have have FMP 16 or better, I do not as implied, my last version is 6.

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Wow. So I’d be paying $658 plus tax just to keep my two FM Pro 16 at home in working order. Those two copies still work on Apple Silicon and Monterey/Ventura right now. But considering 16 is the last version mentioned in that upgrade offer, I suppose that means this is the one to get if I want to future-proof my home licenses. Argh.

Yeah–that’s kinda why I copied and pasted the exact upgrade requirements directly from the Claris site.

In the past, Claris has stated when the earliest required version would “expire” as being eligible for upgrading. I did not see this sort of statement for this new version but I also haven’t specifically looked for it. You might want to check on their site to see if they say when/if version 16 drops off the list of eligible upgrades, or maybe even just ask them.