Built-in Password Manager

wired posted an interesting article about using apple’s all-in-one password manager (aka keychain). my eyes perked up at that, being dissatisfied with the direction 1password has headed. i’ll be forced to upgrade it sooner or later and would prefer to just abandon it. my environment is entirely apple so keychain would be a usable solution.

save for one nasty bugbear: my default browser is firefox. i prefer it thanks to its large community of plugins. the adblocking and other miscreant shields are first rate. the browsing experience is generally cleaner than safari. for example, it doesn’t appear possible to block youtube adverts with safari whereas i never see them from firefox (unfortunately nothing can block youtube’s abysmal recommendation engine and its rapid descent to the most loathsome content on the internets).

has anyone managed to successfully use keychain and firefox together as “seamlessly” as the 1password plugin? (scare quotes because the 1password plugin has a number of random fails that are quite annoying and hard to workaround.)

I’ve always used Keychain as my password manager. Always been plenty happy with it. And with iCloud it syncs to my various Macs and iPhone which is very convenient.

BTW, I never see a YouTube ad either. On Safari. All it takes is the absolutely magnificent extension “Vinegar”. At work we do Firefox and Chrome, but to me Safari was always fastest and leanest. I only use FF on my personal Macs as a backup browser. Safari FTW. :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen any such integration. As far as I know, Apple’s password management (via Keychain) is only for Safari.

But Firefox has its own password manager, which you can synchronize across all your Firefox installations (any platform, but no other browsers) via Firefox Sync. It is a reasonably secure system as long as you choose secure passwords for your Firefox account (used to sync the data) and your browser’s master password (to protect against someone copying your local copy of the database).

I wrote a few posts about it in January. My first post in the discussion is here. Start there and read forward.

Regarding Firefox’s password manager, it is pretty easy to import passwords into it from other password managers, including 1PW. You also can import passwords easily from other browsers, including Safari 15 and later. Unfortunately, the passwords do not integrate with Keychain.