Firefox 122 supports passkeys stored in iCloud Keychain

I don’t use iCloud Keychain but I noticed this in the release notes for Firefox 122:

Firefox now supports creating and using passkeys stored in the iCloud Keychain on macOS.

Less browser lock-in makes it easier to choose iCloud Keychain instead of paying for a password manager.

Firefox, like Safari, has a built-in translation feature, it got better in Firefox 122.


It does. It also, of course, increases your risk of being locked in to iCloud Keychain. :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s anything like the Chrome functionality it should also allow third-party password managers relying on the native autofill functionality to benefit. That’s my hope, anyway. FWIW I just got done breaking out of iCloud Keychain when moving to Strongbox, a laborious and manual process because passkey export is simply not supported, but I now have all my passkeys under my control, and Safari, Chrome and (soon, hopefully) Firefox will use the stored passkeys.

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