Bluetooth keeping Mac from sleeping in Monterey

Just installed Monterey last week (to version 12.4… I’m a waiter, not an early adopter). Have noticed that my bluetooth headset will connect to my Mac even though I think my mac is asleep. In fact, my Mac stays connected to whatever its connected to when put to sleep (lid closed, not on AC). I’ve not yet dug into the logs to see if its actually going to sleep.

In bluetooth prefs there used to be a setting ‘allow bluetooth to wake from sleep’… it seems that is gone in Monterey. Other fora suggest that 12.2.1 fixed this, but many posts elsewhere suggest it isn’t fixed. Things like batteries draining unexpectedly, and laptops getting hot in bags. As I don’t see anything here on tidbits I thought I’d ask.

Anyone found a solution, other than manually turning bluetooth off every time I want to close the lid?

My AirPods Pro will connect to my 14" MBP even when it’s asleep. Not necessarily the functionality I’d want, but it doesn’t exactly bother me either.

Have you tried a test like: 1) Turn off your headset, 2) manually sleep your Mac, but leave the lid open, 3) turn on your headset. If the screen comes back on, then connecting the headset clearly woke it. If not, then connecting to your headset is something a sleeping Mac can do, and you may be able to infer then that your lid-closed Mac is indeed asleep.

Howard Oakley is reporting on a new tool, Sleep Aid, that will let you diagnose sleep issues and take appropriate measures (like prevent BT from waking a Mac). His article has details, link to a free trial, and a promo code for $5 off.


What I really want is the little breathing-when-asleep LED that my old old macbook (white polycarbonate) and maybe other old macs had. Then I KNEW it was asleep.

I’m so not a fan of ‘it just works’ because it requires me to trust that, in this case, it did, and isn’t going to catch my bag on fire or leave my battery dead without me being in any way able to tell that it hasn’t done what its supposed to do and even done previously.

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