MacBook Pro not going to sleep

So, my 2019 MacBook Pro relatively recently upgraded to Monterey (v12.1) is no longer going to sleep on AC with the lid open. I need to confirm if it sleeps with the lid closed, but I don’t believe so. If I reset the NVRAM and PRAM, it will go to sleep as expected, but only for a day or so, or a reboot, and then it’s back to staying awake. There are no peripherals or BlueTooth devices attached; no known software like Amphetamine that’s keeping it from sleeping. The only item that I see that claims to be Preventing Sleep in Activity Monitor is WindowServer.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Have you tried trashing your Energy Saver prefs (backed up of course) and setting up things from scratch?


@Simon, nope. I have not. I’ll look into it, though I now believe it was being caused by the audio enhancement app Boom. I’ve since disabled it, and it appears that I’m back to normal.

If the problem recurs, I usually go to this article when my Mac won’t sleep:

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