Apple Unveils New iPad Air, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil Pro, and Magic Keyboard

That’s why I think a dual boot or dual interface option makes sense. Hardware wise…there’s no reason an iPad can’t run macOS…perhaps not as high performance as a high end MBP but most people don’t really need that performance. Dual boot or dual interface means that it isn’t imitating a Mac…it is a Mac in that configuration and then it’s an iPad in the no keyboard or external monitor configuration.

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That’s a misunderstanding of Jobs’ statement. All of Apple’s currently-supported operating systems (macOS, iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, TVOS, VisionOS) are all based on the same Darwin kernel and all use system frameworks from a common code-base.

But that’s all under the covers. User interface code is, and has to be, different for these different platforms. At minimum, it recognizes that an app designed for keyboard and mouse won’t run well on a touch-only device. And a UI designed for a 15" (or 35") screen will need to be redesigned for a 6" or 2" screen.

But despite all the visible differences, due to different UI frameworks and different application designs, it is (and has always been) the same “OS X” infrastructure underneath that.

I do all my TIdBits Talking on my iPad.


And that’s why a dual interface option via a control center switch or a ‘is there a keyboard with a trackpad attached’ or whatever makes sense. From a hardware perspective…with the addition of a bit more RAM and storage there’s no reason anything with an AS chip can’t run macOS which would make the device far more productive with a keyboard and trackpad…you know, a real file manager, windows, etc…and still able to shift to a touch device when work is done and you want to read or watch a movie 9r play a game. That device would be more expensive than an iPad only device…but so what.

The underlying OS is still mostly based on macOS anyway…and while I’m not saying it’s easy…it can’t be any harder than that kludgey multitasking thing to accomplish.

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Sorry, but I maintain that I did not misunderstand what Steve Jobs meant, nor did I misinterpret what he said.

Your argument that the Mac OS just cannot be shrunk down to run on smaller devices because it would cause problems is invalid with the existing 13" iPad which is the same screen size as a MBA or MBP 13".

Further, I never understood why Apple had to make an invisible file system on the iPad. This is the main reason why I refuse to use an iPad any longer for anything; it was just too frustrating!

Apple is doing all it can to make every new iteration of the Mac OS more like iOS. Maybe that doesn’t bother most users, but it sure as heck bothers me. YMMV.

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That bothers me too.

But that does not mean it’s trivial to turn an iPad into a macOS tablet, nor desirable. Regardless of common CPU and ISA or common kernel or not.

IMHO the Mac needs to stay Mac and remain heavily optimized for mouse and KB. An iPad can be equipped with a KB and trackpad which would make it a at least somewhat viable macOS option. I do not necessarily think that’s a bad idea. But I question if people would be prepared to spend ~ $500 extra just so instead of having a MBA and an iPad, they now have one single-port iPad Pro with an expensive KB/trackpad attached to it.

I’m pretty certain that in the end this doesn’t come down to what’s technically possible, but rather what Apple thinks is attractive (to users, to its own bottom line, etc.). Just like multi-user. I’m certain the iPad could be made multi-user just like any cheap Android tablet. But I’m just as certain Apple does not consider that attractive and hence, it just doesn’t make it happen. Not because it couldn’t, but because they have declared they do not want it.


I actually think this is why Apple aren’t concerned with cannibalism from MacOS to iPad - and possibly why iPad sales have been flat recently. With the introduction of the new MB Airs, I suspect many people are looking at the value they represent, their size and weight and figure why not have a ‘proper’ Mac rather than an iPad. If there’s any cannibalism it’s from iPad to Mac rather than the other way.

This is NOT to undermine some people who will need the single handed portability/operability of an iPad, but for many people who are looking for an all round computing platform the MB Air offers amazing value over an iPad.

Jason Snell has a detailed review of the new iPad Pro now. He loves the hardware but can’t get past the limitations of iPadOS.


I like this take: pmoe: " @numericcitizen@micro.b…" - Aus.Social

I think this is the point.
I want a hover board. But they don’t exist.
The iPad you want doesn’t exist.
The things you want to do on iPad you can do on a Mac.
Sucks to be us.
Negative takes are old.
What we have is amazing.
Just enjoy it.

I guess I’d add that if the iPad isn’t for you, it’s not for you. Don’t buy one.

I use my M1 iPad a lot, but it is for reading books, news, surfing the web and similar. It is a bit of overkill but it does it very well.

Maybe if I had more rooms in my house I might use it more. Like if I were relaxing in a den, away from my computer. It might be tempting to read on my M1 iPad rather than on my iPhone.

re. AppleCare and being rock solid…

Listen to Apple pundit Allison Sheridan’s Nosillcast podcast, about her saga with Apple on her previous 14" MBP battery life issues. Effectively she ended-up chucking the towel in, manually got rid of it for a new one at her expense (to save her sanity, from the sounds of things, lol!).

John Gruber counterpoints Jason Snell:

I’d update my iPad Mini but, it is too expensive. Mini used to mean, less expensive but, that seems to be gone from most products with that name.
It still works fine too. If Apple made a thin light one that was powerful (longer lasting into the years), I might bite. But more likely, if they made a thin light basic model, and charged less, I would update. A mini SE? Assuming, the processor is more modern than my v.5 iPad.
I like the mini and traded in an iPad for it. I think people are missing out on a nice, compact tablet that does all you need in a tablet (which is basically, everything). If you need more, more, get a mac.
With inflation, I might drive that mini into the ground and then, not get a replacement. Maybe a used mac laptop.

How about an auto switching mechanism that turned off touch when a mouse was in use and the UI adapted to mouse use. When mouse off, back to iPad UI and touch. Layered adaptive interface or LAI.
In some sense, Accessibility is this.

I likely fall into the camp that Gruber describes: I’m not bothered by iPadOS. I have a MacBook Pro (two, actually) for when I want a computer. My creaky iPad 6th gen is sufficient for reading or netflixing, but gasps when it has more than a couple of apps open. Aside from it’s tiredness, I don’t miss anything from MacOS–but I’m quite content with mainstream apps.

I’ve been chomping at the bit to incorporate an iPad Pro into my photography and creative workflow and have been holding off due to rumored new devices. If I’m going to splurge, waiting for latest/greatest extends the useful life for me. I find it hard to believe that app developers won’t take advantage of the M4 horsepower. My one desire, though, would be to have two USB C/TB data ports, or an SD slot, though that would diminish the sleekness. But I have a new Anker dongle waiting to be put into use when my iPad and Pencil Pro show up at the Apple store later today. (I mistakenly thought that the notice for picking up my Magic Keyboard, which I now have, applied to all products in my order–after all, I ordered them all at once. I’m guessing that the engraving caused them to be logistically decoupled.)


End of the day I couldn’t resist the temptation and got myself the iPad Pro 13".
I think it was the first one shipped to a customer in Israel.

All in all: It’s thin, light, fast, and has a great screen.

The center-stage camera is certainly positioned in the right (not left, center) place.

Is it worth the spend? Wouldn’t an iPad air suffice? It certainly delivers beyond my needs. I’ll try to return to my 2022 pro 12.9 in a few days just to get the feel of it, because by the end of the day the 2024 air and the 2022 pro are pretty much the same…