Anybody else find Zoom annoyingly un-Mac?

So I’ve long been a bit annoyed with some aspects of the Zoom app (it’s a must at my work) breaking standard Mac GUI. My favorites are I cannot hit return to choose the default dialog button, I cannot minimize to Dock a stubbornly foregrounded window, grabbing mouse focus instead of remaining backgrounded, etc.

So the other day I learned that was supposedly because Zoom was developed using Electron.

Is indeed Electron made in such a way that apps developed in it break standard Mac UI even when these apps are run on a Mac? And if so, what kind of “cross-platform” IDE is this? :laughing: Anybody else find Zoom annoying for breaking these simple but basic Mac paradigms? Is there any kind of “patch” to fix the most egregious ones?

Yep. Deeply annoying.

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After all my problems with Microsoft Teams and Google, I’m not complaining.


Personally, I find Zoom’s ongoing security and privacy issues, including the presence of many security risks in the software by design and its use of conferences to train its AI engine, to be much more problematic than its (yes, non-Mac like) UI.


The apps that seize the foreground window and won’t let you click away should be banned. Zoom, Teams and probably a few more. No excuse for this kind of UI in the 3rd decade of the 21st century


You could try using Unite to make an ‘app’ out of the Zoom website (Join Meeting | Zoom). I don’t know if that imposes any limitations on Zoom’s features, but I do this for a number of Mac ‘apps’ based on Electron (Asana, Slack, etc) and much prefer the results in terms of efficiency and Mac-like behaviour.