AirTags and Family Sharing group?

Ordered some AirTags for an upcoming trip and have a question about which iCloud account to register them on. Wife and I will have 1 in each of our single checked bags and also in our carryons. I’m aware of the ‘unidentified AirTag traveling with you’…and wondered if us being in the same Family Group will prevent this and/or should I register the AirTags with the master account or hers on her my iCloud and mine in mine…or if I’m just overthinking this.

If the AirTags are registered to iCloud accounts included in the same Family Sharing set, you will each get the option to silence the traveling with you alarms from the other’s AirTags.

get the option to silence the traveling with you alarms

Thanks Simon…don’t actually have them yet but obviously I was overthinking it and Apple preemptively avoided this problem.

Yes, you are overthinking. As long as you are traveling with your AirTag, no alerts will be generated for others.

Yes…but my wife’s iPhone could see my AirTags as being with her…but now that I know Family members can disregard or ignore the alerts that’s not an issue. As I said, don’t have them yet but wondered about the ‘foreign AirTag traveling with you’ thing.

Even without family sharing you can elect to ignore an Airtag that is travelling with you after the first alert.

Adding to Airtag travel stories in another discussion… I recently arrived at Sydney Airport and was waiting at the baggage carousel. I thought I would check that my suitcase (with Airtag) had arrived as well. It showed up at the airport but still at the aircraft gate - strange? About 30 minutes later there was an announcement that the baggage handling equipment had broken down. Eventually bags started appearing on the carousel, including mine.

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