You Can Now Extend AppleCare+ for Macs or Get It for an Apple TV

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You can now extend AppleCare+ coverage for a Mac indefinitely if you sign up for a monthly plan in time. You can also buy AppleCare+ for an Apple TV, but why would you?


Hope they remind me before mine’s up. If I keep it that long, it’s an Intel after all. :stuck_out_tongue:

They won’t. I recommend looking it up and adding the date to your calendar.


Wish they’d bring back plain old AppleCare extended hardware coverage. I can do without that other stuff.

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From this Apple page dated April 20th 2021, it looks like this only applies to USA for Macs.

It is clear from that page that extended cover is available in other regions for iPhone, iPad and watch, but not for Macs.

Unlike the Roku remote, does the new AppleTV remote have a FindMy? Or do we get some VHB and stick a Air Tag on the back? :grinning:
I agree that you probably don’t need AC+ on a Desktop although I wonder on the iMac’s with the edge glass that its not tempered so, just a weighted nick is all it takes to ruin it. And I imagine the display is laminated with the glass. When I was an Authorized Mac tech, it was monthly an iMac would come in for display glass issue. And recently had an iMac 21.5" out of warranty that developed a line on the screen (not damaged, atleast not obvious). That model was $500 for display plus labor. Owner opted for new 27"imac and happier.

Sadly, no.

Thanks, I’ve fixed that now.

Is the pricing the same on a per-month basis as the original AppleCare+? That is, if the initial iPhone AppleCare+ is $149 for 24 months, does that mean that the extension is $149/24 = $6.21/month? Or is there a separate pricing plan for the extension?

Thanks for this!

My desktop macs ( iMacs ) have experienced failures and AppleCare saved me twice. Most recently my 27 inch 2019 iMac had a motherboard replacement after 4 months of ownership, so that failure alone more than paid my AC premium.

Wouldn’t a motherboard failure within 4 months of purchase been covered by the warranty, regardless of AppleCare?

I managed to get to my iMac page in mysupport. I’m eligible to extend AppleCare coverage, but I could not locate a link to do so. Chat with Apple support got me nowhere. They just kept wanting to sen me to the page I was already on! Does anyone know where a link to extend coverage is located? Thanks.

Could you be using a browser extension or the like that could be hiding the link? Perhaps try a different browser. I sometimes see that sort of thing with Brave’s shields, for instance.

I sometimes see things like this when using an ad blocker or Firefox’s enhanced tracking protection. Sometimes offers like this involve the use of cross-site tracking cookies as they redirect from one site to another. If you block the cookies or the script, then you won’t be able to access the offer.

Try temporarily disabling these features, either globally or for the specific site in question.

I don’t understand why any one would want to buy this type of insurance for anything. Insurance companies by any name are a business designed to make money by appearing to help you. Truth is they take your money and give you little in return. In the 27 years since I purchased my first Mac I would have paid $15+k in Apple care against less than $1k in repairs. I currently own 11 Apple computers, iPads, iPhones, etc. Keep your money and save it for the long term. This applies to any extended warranty on any product. Alway remember that insurance is really there to make money for the Insurance Company and it is only incidental if they have to pay any money out.

Having two brothers in insurance and having needed their services several times I’m not so sure. Also, having my wife pour a large coffee down the gullet of my fairly new MBP (past the year initial coverage), and having my AppleCare rescue me from $1,200 damage (try that on a part-time pastor’s salary in rural NC) I’m really not sure I agree with you. At the same time though, the few times I have needed that protection versus the number of Apple products I have owned with NO problems, what you say makes sense. However, having had our car and much of our newly purchased home destroyed just over a year after the purchase left us very grateful for an excellent company :innocent:

You need insurance for you car by law, your house and personal liability because these can wipe you out. Your electronics, appliances, etc. you are much better to self insure in the long run.

The only devices I recommend AppleCare for are MacBooks and iPhones. I’ve used AppleCare for both, though I might have been better off self-insuring. I quietly pay for AppleCare+ for my mom’s and in-law’s phones, because it might make my life easier one day.

I’ve somehow never broken a single iPad in ten years, and even if I broke one after all that time I’d be ahead. The SSD in my 2014 iMac failed after 4-5 years, but at that point it was time for a new machine anyway. (And Adam used it to practice his repair skills.)

It’s also important to remember that AppleCare prices scale based on the cost of the device. AppleCare+ for my father-in-law’s new iPhone SE is $4 a month. It would take 100 months at $4 a month to self-insure it. And AppleCare for desktop Macs is, or at least used to be, dirt cheap.

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I used to be of the exact same opinion as @jcenters. But I’ve started doubting AppleCare for iPhone.

It’s expensive and it lasts for only 2 years. And when you most likely need it, you’ll still be paying out of pocket (less of course than without AppleCare). If you’re very clumsy you probably still want it. I rarely drop my iPhone (hope I didn’t just jinx it) so that’s no worry here. Don’t have a case either. If you frequently swap your iPhone you might as well just self-insure. And if you rarely update it, you’ll need more than just two years.

I got it with my 12 mini. My next iPhone I won’t be getting it. My desktop Macs never had it, my MBPs always will.